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  1. the patient is placed in an altered state of conciousness
    concious sedation
  2. when sedative drugs are administered directly into the patients blood system
    intavenous sedation (IV)
  3. what is taken before the dental appointment to relieve anxiety
    oral sedation (valium)
  4. when IV is difficult to administer the dentistmay use
    inhalation sedation
  5. what type of sedation is used at the pediatric offices for children
    intramuscular sedation
  6. the patient goes into an unconscious state which is carefully controlled and requires an anesthetist
    general anesthesia
  7. before local anesthesia is injected, the area is numbed with
    topical anesthetic
  8. what type of anesthesia produces a deadened or pain free area
    local anesthesia
  9. topical anesthetics are placed on the oral mucosa to
    eliminate sensation
  10. name 3 dental procedures done using topical anesthetics
    subgingival scalings, root planning, seating crowns,
  11. topical anesthetics are available in
    gels, ointments, liquids, or metered sprays
  12. the concentration of solution for topical anesthetics is
    greater than the concentration of solution used for local anesthetics
  13. a hypersensative reation to the anesthetic solution is
    an allergic reaction
  14. the allergic reaction can last for
    24 hrs or up to 8 weeks
  15. overdose or excessive administration of the anesthetic solution is
    toxic reaction
  16. sympstoms of a toxic reaction
    the patient becomes more talkative,apprenhensive, and excited, with an increased pulse rate and blood pressure
  17. topical anesthetics are left for
    1 min
  18. amides?
    lidocaine,mepivacaine,prilocaine,articaine,bupivacaine,etidocaine, xylocaine, marcaine
  19. esters
  20. vasoconstrictor that lasts about sixty min
  21. lasts about 30 min ad contains no vasoconstrictor
  22. longer than 90 min and contain vasoconstrictor
  23. drugs that are added to anesthetic solutions to constrict the blood vessels
  24. the most common vasoconstrictor used in dentistry
  25. the sensation of feeling numb for hours or 8 weeks is
  26. injection at the small terminal nerve branches
    local infiltration
  27. anesthesia deposited at the larger terminal nerve is
    field block also referred as local infiltration anesthesia
  28. injected near a main nerve trunk
    nerve block anesthesia
  29. parts of the aspirating syringe
    thumb ring,finger grip/bar,syringe barrel,plunger or piston rod,harpoon,threaded end of the syringe
  30. parts of needle
    bevel, shank,hub,syringe end
  31. used for pulpal anesthesia of one or two quadrants
    periodontal ligament or intraligamentary
  32. intrapulpal
    directly in to the pulp chamber
  33. contraindications for use of nitrous oxide sedation
    pts unable to breathe through their nose

    • pts involved in drugs or psychiatric treatment
    • women in the first trimester of pregnancy
  34. green
  35. blue
    nitrous oxyde
  36. intraosseous anesthesia
    places local anesthetic directly into the cancellous bone (spongy bone).
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