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  1. Distal
    Farther away from the center of the body
  2. Proximal
    Closer to the center of the body
  3. Medial
    toward the middle
  4. Lateral
    towards the side
  5. Coronal plane
    Imaginary plane that slices perpendicularly through the head parallel to the front of the face
  6. Sagital plane
    Imaginary place slices parallel to the midline of the body (nose)
  7. midsagittal
    a sagittal section exactly through the midline
  8. parasagital
    a sagital section parallel to the midsagittal
  9. Transverse (horizontal) plane
    At a right angle to the coronal & sagittal planes, divides the body into superior and inferior portions.
  10. anterior
    towards the front
  11. posterior
    towards the back (or dorsal)
  12. superficial
    towards the surface, shallow
  13. deep
    under other layers
  14. ipsilateral
    on the same side of the body (cerebellum)
  15. contralateral
    opposite side of the body
  16. vessel
    a hollow tube, like the aorta or esophagus
  17. cord
    a long, thin, solid structure. ;ole a merve or ligament
  18. para
    next to, to the side of
  19. peri
  20. epi
    upon, outside of
  21. inter
  22. intra
  23. lumen
    inside of tube
  24. What important structure is behind the Pterion bone?
    The middle meningeal artery, which is a vital artery. Damage to this area may cause an epidural hermatoma!
  25. Name of the forhead bulge?
  26. What is TMJ?
    A problem with the Tempromandibular joint where the joint flares, clicks, or is sore. Very common.
  27. What is the name of the prominent line marking on the anterior side of the ocipital lobe?
    Superior nuchal line
  28. Where is the bregma?
    The point where the parietal & frontal bones join
  29. Where is the Asterion?
    The point where the parietal, occipital, and temporal bones meet.
  30. Where is the Nasion located?
    The point where the nasal bone meets the frontal bone.
  31. Name for the "bump of knowledge"?
    Inion (think Onion with an I)
  32. What goes through the Jugular foramen?
    Internal jugular vein
  33. What runs through the carotid canal?
    Internal carotid artery
  34. What runs through the foramen ovale?
    Mandibular nerve
  35. What runs through the foramen spinosum?
    Middle meningeal artery (mma)
  36. What runs through the foramen rotundum?
    The maxillary nerve
  37. What is the role of the crista galli?
  38. What sits on top of the sella turcia?
    The pituitary gland
  39. What four types of info can be learned from the fontanelles?
    • Skull growth
    • Pulse
    • Hydration
    • Pressure
  40. Why to the sutures of the elderly disappear?
    Old age, or maturity
  41. A person of primarily ______ descent tends to have a rather prognathus maxilla.
    • African
    • *prognathus = jutting out
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