GCSE Biology

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  1. how do stimulants improve sport performance
    boost bodily functions , including heart rate and brain activity
  2. examples of stimulants include
  3. how do anabolic steroids imporve performance
    they stimulate muscle growth and can allow athletes to train harder and recover more quickly
  4. examples of narcotics include
    morphine heroine
  5. how do narcotics improve performance
    they are painkillers used to control pain from injuries or allow athletes to train for longer . If they are being used in order to ignore an injury then athletes obviously risk doing further damage
  6. how do peptide hormones help imporve performance
    they are a naturally occuring substance that circulates in the blood , and can imporve muscle growth , change the balance of other hormones and increase the production of red blood cells . which increases oxygen delivery
  7. examples of peptide hormones include
    • insulin
    • human growth hromone
  8. how to do beta2 agonists improve performance
    when inhaled they relax the airways , allowing more oxygen to reach the blood .
  9. diuretics are
    not performance enhancing drugs on their own , but they are used to get rid of traces of other drugs
  10. duiretics can also be used to shed
    water as a temporary wieght loss measure in sports with weight categories
  11. it is likely that drugs manufacturers will continue to be steps ahead of the the regulators . It is possible , even likely ,
    that there are other "undectable" drugs in use
  12. new ways to admister existing drugs without being detected are being developed for example
    skins patches can deliver a steady dosage of the drug which is harder to detect
  13. genetic therapy
    of injecting genes deirectly into muscles , lungs or other targets may be used an this means that they will be almost impossible to detect
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