Chapter 23 Parkinson's

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  1. A slowly degenerative CNS disorder that causes degeneration of dopamine releasing neurons
    Parkinson's disesase
  2. In which individuals is Parkinson more common
    • over 60
    • males
  3. Where are the dopamine releasing neurons released from
    substantia nigra
  4. Where are the substantia nigra located
  5. Describe the patho of Parkison
    substantia nigra send message to travel to basal ganglia to release dopamine

    dopamine inhibits acetylcholine

    this creates a balance of movement

    In Parkinson's the neurons going to basal ganglia are degenerating

    =decreased dopamine
  6. What happens to the body with no dopamine
    • basal ganglia produces to much acetylcholine
    • effects voluntary muscles
  7. What is the etiology of Primary Parkinsons
  8. What is the etiology for secondary Parkinson's/Parkinsonism
    • Poisoning
    • Infection:Post Encephalitis
    • Trauma
    • Vascular disease
    • Drug induced
    • Tranquilizers
  9. What is the most common cause of Parkinsonism
    side effects of major tranquilizers like Thorazine(psych patients)
  10. What are the signs of Parkinson's
    • Resting tremor
    • Pill rolling tremor
    • nodding head
    • muscle rigidity
    • bradykinesia
    • akinesa
    • shuffling gait
    • posture changes
    • mask-like facial expression,drool, chewing hard to do, speech difficult
    • ANS
    • Constipation
    • Urinary retention
    • orthostatic hypotension
  11. What is bradykinesia
    slowness in initiating or stopping voluntary movements

    ie. stop in door, turning corner
  12. What is akinesia
    Complete or partial muscle movement loss
  13. What ANS signs are noted in a patient with Parkinson
    • Diaphoresis
    • Excessive saliva production
    • Excessive sebaceous gland sectreations
  14. What are the diagnstic test for Parkinson's
    • H&P
    • Urinalysis-decreased dopamine
    • EEG-dementia
    • Autopsy-Pale substantia nigra
  15. What are the compliactions of Parkinson's
    • Debilitating
    • Dementia
    • Pneumonia
    • UTI
  16. What is the leading cause of death for patients with Parkinson's
  17. What is the treatment for Parkinson's
    • supportive
    • treatment of infections to prevent organ damage
    • physical therapy
    • nutrition
    • levadopa
    • selegiline
    • botox
    • DBS
  18. Does dopamine cross the blood brain barrier
  19. What is levadopa
    • presursor to dopamine
    • crosses barrier
    • converts to dopamine in brain
  20. Why is the use of levadopa postponed
    • side effects-Arrythmias, GI hemmorhages
    • causes neruons to stop releasing dopamine we can create
  21. What drug blocks the breakdown of levadopa in the brain
  22. What is the prognosis for Parkinson's
    • chronic
    • not fatal
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