Chapter 23 Alzheimer's

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  1. progressive loss of intellectual function
  2. What individuals are at a higher risk of having Alzheimers
    • over 65
    • women
  3. What is the patho of Alzheimers
    • degenerative brain disease
    • atrophy of cortical parts of frontal and temporal lobes
  4. What changes in the brain are macroscopic in Alzheimers
    • sulci(grooves) widen
    • gyri(convulsions) become slender
    • dialated ventricles
  5. What part of the brain is crucial for the formation of new memories and retrievel of old ones
  6. What enzyme is required for acetycholine synthesis
    choline acetyltransferase
  7. In Alzheimer's what neurochemical level is decreased
    choline acetyltransferase
  8. There is a direct relationship between the reduction of choline acetyltransferase and what
    % of senile plaque& dementia
  9. What are the microscopic features effected by Alzheimers
    • beta amyloid proteins
    • neurofibrillary tangles
    • neuritic plaques
  10. What are beta amyloid proteins
    abnormal proteins produced by the same neurons that produce acetylcholine
  11. Why is acetylcholine important in Alzheimers
    it is the neurotransmitter for short term memory
  12. One of the intial symptoms of Alzheimer's is -------- memory loss
    short term
  13. Decribe neurofibrillary tangles
    • proteins in neurons twist
    • form tangles
    • found in neuron cytoplasm
    • resistant to breakdown
    • remain after neuron dies
    • leads to neuritic plaque in the area of neuron death
  14. What is the etiology of Alzheimers
    gene mutation-chromosome 1(PS2),14(PS1), & 21(APP/amyloid precursor protein)
  15. What are the signs in the first stage of Alzheimer's
    • short term memory loss
    • forgetful
    • slight mood changes
  16. What are the signs for the second stage of Alzheimers
    • long term memory loss
    • impaired cognitive function
    • confused
    • concentration declines
    • problems with math
    • judgement deteriorated
    • launguage impairment-hard time recalling words
    • mental status-depression, angry
    • restlesness
  17. What are the signs for the terminal stage of Alzheimers
    unable to recognize family & friends
  18. What are the diagnostic test for Alzheimers
    • H&P
    • CT
    • MRI
    • Autopsy
  19. What is the treatment for Alzheimer's
    • supportive
    • medication-inhibits acetycholinease
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