Math Chapter 11

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  1. A survey
    is used to collect opinions of information
  2. Biased Sample
    does not represent the population and can make survey results inaccurate
  3. Use of Language
    the use of language in a question could lead people to give a particular answer
  4. Timing
    when the data is collected it could lead to particular results
  5. Privacy
    if the topic of data collection is personal, a person may not participate or may give an untrue answer on purpose. Annoynamus surveys may help
  6. Clutural Sensitivity
    means you are aware of other cultures
  7. Ethics
    that collected data must not be used for purposes other than those told to the participant
  8. Cost
    the cost of collecting data may be taken into account
  9. Time
    the time needed for collecting data may be considered
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