history exam day 3

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  1. New Techonologies of World War I
    Not nuclear bombs
  2. this battle saved Paris in world war I
    Battle of the Marne
  3. Blamed Germany for wwI, and descriminated against Japan
    Treaty of Versailles
  4. Country that suffered most casualties in WWI
  5. Results of the Russian Revolution
    Lenin became 1st communist leader of the Soviet Union
  6. First dictatorship of the 1920's
  7. Stripped the Jews of their Citizenship
    Nuremberg Laws
  8. Country most ready for WWII
  9. British had radar and code breaking machines during..
    The battle of Britain
  10. Allied victory, turning point of the war in Pacific
  11. Which country was divided by Allies at the end of WWII?
  12. *What was the purpose of the Berlin Wall?
    It divided Eastern and western berlin, seriving as a physical barrier between communism and democracy
  13. Identify major events of the cold war
    Marshall plan- u.s. giftcard to noncommunist europe
  14. French Emperor
    Napoleon Bonaparte
  15. Napoleons lasting accomplishments
    napoleonic code-law
  16. Napoleons greatest enemy
  17. Final defeat
  18. Final place exiled to
    Saint Helena
  19. Goal of the Congress of Vienna system
    Peace settlement into a final order in Europe
  20. Prussian leader who had a strong military
    Otto von bismarck
  21. Destorys the balance of power in Europe
  22. A shift from animal/human production to machine production
    Industrial Revolution
  23. Important source of power for most inventions during the First Industrial Revolution
    Steam power
  24. Working class
  25. Communism: Government controls everything and treats everyone the same (poorly)
    Marx and Engels
  26. Extending one country's power over another for resources and markets
  27. Describe European imperialism in China and Africa
    Europeans gained trading rights with China by supplying them with Opium
  28. List MAIN causes of world war i
  29. spark of world war I
    • the assionation of the arch duke and arch dutchess
    • austria, hungary declares war on Germany
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