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  1. MARGARET: Brick, they're going to tell Big Mama the truth now, an' she needs you!
    [To Mae] This is going to be painful.
  2. DR. BAUGH: [To Mae] This is going to be painful.
    MAE: Painful things can't always be avoided.
    That's what I've noticed about 'em, Sister Woman.
  3. MAE: Doc Baugh, d' you think those vitamin B12 injections are all they're cracked up t' be?
    Well, I guess they're as good t' be stuck with as anything else.
  4. MARGARET: Forever, if necessary.
    BIG MAMA: Brick!
    GOOPER: that boy's gone t' pieces - he's just gone t' pieces.
    Y' know, in my day they used to have somethin' they called the Keeley Cure for drinkers.
  5. DR. BAUGH: Y' know, in my day they used to have somethin' they called the Keeley Cure for drinkers.
    BIG MAMA: Shoot!
    But nowadays, I understand they take some kind of tablets that kill their taste for the stuff.
  6. GOOPER: Big Mama wants to know the complete truth about th' report we got today from the Ochsner Clinic!
    BIG MAMA: Is there somethin' - somethin' that I don't know?
    Yes - well....
  7. MARGARET: Brick! Brick!
    BIG MAMA: What is it, what is it?
    I never have seen a more thorough examination than Big Daddy Pollitt was given in all my experience at the Ochsner Clinic.
  8. GOOPER: It's one of th' best in th' country.
    MAE: It's THE best in th' country - bar none!
    Of course they were ninety-nine and nine-tenths precent certain before they even started.
  9. BRICK: "By the light, by the light of the silvery moon!"
    GOOPER: Shut up, Brick!
    BRICK: Sorry...
    But now, you see, Big Mama, they cut a piece off this growth, a specimen of the tissue, an' -
  10. DR. BAUGH: But now, you see, Big Mama, they cut a piece off this growth, a specimen of the tissue, an' -
    BIG MAMA: Growth? You told Big Daddy -
    Now, wait -
  11. BIG MAMA: - little spastic condition of -
    REV TOOKER: Shh! Shh! Shh!
    Yes, that's what we told Big Daddy. But we had this bit of tissue run through the laboratory an' I'm sorry t' say the test was positive on it. It's malignant.
  12. GOOPER: You had to know, Big Mama.
    BIG MAMA: Why didn't they cut it out of him? Hunh? Hunh?
    Involved too much, Big Mama, too many organs affected.
  13. GOOPER: - a surgical risk.
    REV TOOKER: Tch tch tch.
    Yes, it's gone past the knife.
  14. REV TOOKER: I think I'd better slip away at this point. Good night, good night, everybody, and God bless you all - on this place.
    Well, Big Mama -
  15. DR. BAUGH: Well, Big Mama -
    BIG MAMA: It's all a mistake, I know it's just a bad dream.
    We're gonna keep Big Daddy as comfortable as we can.
  16. GOOPER: In my opinion Big Daddy is havin' some pain but won't admit that he has it.
    BIG MAMA: Just a dream, a bad dream.
    That's what lots of 'em do, they think if they don't admit they're havin' the pain they can sort of escape th'fact of it.
  17. GOOPER: Shut up, Mae! - Big Mama, I really do think Big Daddy should be started on morphine.
    BIG MAMA: Nobody's goin' t' give Big Daddy morphine!
    Now, Big Mama, when that pain strikes it's goin' to strike mighty hard an' Big Daddy's goin' t' need the needle to bear it.
  18. BIG MAMA: I tell you, nobody's goin' to give him morphine!
    MAE: Big Mama, you don't want to see Big Daddy suffer, y' know y'-
    Well, I'm leavin' this stuff here so if there's a sudden attack you won't have to send out for it.
  19. MARGARET: Somehow I don't think Big Daddy would want Mae t' give him a hypo.
    MAE: You think he'd want you to do it?
    Well -
  20. DR. BAUGH: Well -
    GOOPER: Well, Dr. Baugh is goin' -
    Yes, I got to be goin'. Well, keep your chin up, Big Mama.
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