Mental Status

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  1. Organic disorder:
    brain disease of known specific cause (delirium, dementia, intoxication, withdrawal)
  2. Psychiatric mental illness:
    no organic etiology (anxiety d/o, schizophrenia)
  3. affect vs. mood
    • Affect: Temporary expressions of feelings or state of mind
    • Mood: Prolonged display of feelings

    ("A" for "At this moment")
  4. A,B,C,T abnormalities
    Appearance, Behavior, Cognition, Thought processes
  5. Levels of Consciousness
    • 1. Alert: (alert, awake, oriented x 4)
    • 2. Lethargic: (somnolent) drowsy but responds to name, slow response, decreased spontaneous movements.
    • 3. Obtunded: difficult to arouse, confused, needs constant stimulation, speech may be mumbled of incoherent
    • 4. Stupor (semi-coma): unconscious but able to arouse with pain, language impaired, + reflex activity
    • 5. Coma: unconscious, no response to pain
    • Acute confused state (delirium): clouded consciousness, incoherent, agitated, disoriented
  6. Delirium vs. Dementia
    • Delirum: acute onset, young or old, causes: infection, withdrawal, hypoxia, F & E (fluid + electrolyte) imbalance, post head trauma, post-op
    • Dementia: gradual onset, more common in elderly, causes: alzheimers, Parkinson’s, CVA, HIV, head trauma
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