pharmacology 165 final

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  1. Which pair of agents have similar effects on the autonomic nervous system?
    anticholinergics and sympathomimetics
  2. T/F: Necrosis is a side effect of both IM and IV injs
  3. T/F: The US patent office registers proprietary drugs and the FDA approves them
  4. Regarding the theraputic range of a drug and how well it works, the goal is to produce the desired effect with ______ or _____ toxicity
    little or no
  5. A ______ container is the container we give to the client
  6. a loading dose is ________ than a maintenance dose
  7. this drug is generally c/i in dogs
  8. T/F: the abbreviations 'g' and 'gr' mean the same thing
    • false
    • (gr = grain)
  9. T/F: mL and cc are interchangeable
  10. Imidaclopride:
    Brand name?
    • Advantage/K9Advantix
    • Kills larva and adult fleas (adulticide/larvicide)
  11. Lufenuron:
    Brand Name?
    • Program
    • breaks life cycle of fleas at egg stage/developmen inhibitor
    • *oral/inj, not topical
  12. Selemectin:
    • Revolution
    • kills fleas, ticks, mites, some int parasites, heartworm prophy
  13. Fipronil:
    • Frontline/FL+
    • Kills fleas and ticks
  14. T/F:
    Xylazine is a reversible agent
    • True
    • (yohimbine)
  15. T/F:
    Domitor is a reversible agent
    • True
    • Antiseda/atepamezole
  16. T/F:
    Ketamine is a reversible agent
    False, not reversible
  17. T/F:
    Morphine is a reversible agent
    • T
    • Nalaxone
  18. T/F:
    Class V drugs have the least abuse potential
  19. T/F:
    post-op pain is usually intense and best controlled with NARCOTICS
  20. T/F:
    NSAIDs are used primarily for mild to moderate or chronic pain
  21. T/F:
    In regard to controlled drug classes, there are 5 classes (I-V), all classes must be stored in a locked cabinet
  22. T/F:
    In regard to controlled drugs, no access will be given to staff with drug related felony convs or suspd lics, or if the DEA has denied registration to that staff member
  23. What is the most important thing to consider when evaluating a patient who is having sx under general anes?
    pre-existing condistions
  24. A medication that combines the effects of relaxation and analgesia is called:
  25. Name 3 common side effects of narcotics in dogs:
    • panting
    • bradycardia
    • depressed respiration
  26. Common physiologic response to pain include:
    increased HR and BP
  27. The most common adverse reaction to NSAIDs is:
    GI ulceration
  28. Pre-anes agents are used to _____ the dose of other drugs given as anes
  29. How often are vitals recorded when monitoring anes?
    every 5 minutes
  30. Which class(es) of drugs cannot be re-filled?
    CI and CII
  31. Do drugs labeled "vet use only" undergo the same testing as human apprvd drugs?
  32. Are food animals given human antibiotics?
    No, not permissible
  33. What components must be included in vet use only drug labeling as required by the FDA?
    • apprvd uses
    • routes
    • doses
    • indications by species
  34. What is "extra label use"?
    use of a medication that is approved for one species on a different species
  35. What does the State Board of Veterinary Medicine do?
    Licenses DVMs and RVTs
  36. What does FDA stand for and what do they do?
    • Food and Drug Administration
    • Regulates the development and approval of animal drugs and feed additives
  37. What does the State Board of Pharmacy do?
    Licensed the clinic to dispense drugs
  38. What does EPA stand for and what do they do?
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Regulates the development and approval of animal pesticides
  39. What does USDA stand for and what do they do?
    • US Dept of Agriculture
    • Regulated development of VXs abd other biologies
  40. What is the primary function of tranquilizers?
    Narcotic relaxation of the pt, may induce mood changes
  41. What is the primary function of a sedative?
    Calms the pt
  42. What is the primary function of an anesthetic?
    brings about a state of unconciousness
  43. What is the primary function of an anti-inflammatory?
    relieves pain and inflammation, can be narcotic or non-narcotic (like NSAIDs)
  44. What are "the 5 rights" of dispensing medications?
    • patient
    • drugs
    • strength
    • quantity
    • frequency
  45. What are the 5 vitals monitored during anes?
    TPR, MM color, CRT:

    • Temp
    • Pulse
    • Resp
    • Mucous membrane color
    • Capillary refill time
  46. Is a client's address required on a Rx label?
  47. Is the hosp/clinic's name, address and phone# required on the Rx label?
  48. What % of a mammal's body is made up of water?
  49. Where is an IP inj admin'd? Would a VA be likely to admin this inj?
    IP= intraperitoneal, mostly admind by DVM/RVT, not VA
  50. Where is an IC inj admin'd? Would a VA be likely to admin this inj?
    IC= intracardiac, VA would not admin
  51. Where is an IM inj admin'd? Would a VA be likely to admin this inj?
    IM= intramuscular, ok for VA to admin
  52. Where is an IA inj admin'd? Would a VA be likely to admin this inj?
    IA= intra-articular, VA would not admin
  53. What does Q8 mean?
    give every 8 hours, or TID
  54. What does Q12 mean?
    give every 12 hours or BID
  55. What steps are taken to fill a Rx (once all calcs are made)?
    • 1. fill container
    • 2. reread label
    • 3. put equipment away
  56. A re-breathing tube is used for what size pt?
    small pts <15-20# are placed on a re-breathing anes system
  57. What is a non-rebreathing tube used for?
    Pts > 15-20# are connected to a non-rebreathing anes system
  58. regarding anes depth, what is indicatied if the pt's vitals are as follows?
    RR below 5 bpm
    Pulse-ox < 80%
    HR 50% of normal
    anes depth is too deep/OD on anes/dying
  59. Regarding intubation, a non-cuffed tube is generally only acceptable in what pts?
    Very small pts like neo-nat puppies/kittens
  60. How are #s convd to Kgs?
    divide #s by 2.2
  61. how are kgs convd to #s?
    multiply kg by 2.2
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