Office Procedures 110 Final

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  1. T/F: A successful practice will make sure they keep returning clients returning and will pay less attn to advertising to new clients
  2. T/F: A VA can only work in tx area and no other area of the practice
  3. Who owns a veterinary medical record?
    The practice
  4. Are vet practices subject to HIPPA regs?
  5. What part of SOAP is the info the client gives you?
  6. T/F: The SOMR (source oriented med rec) is adapted from human medicine
  7. T/F: SOMR is considered the conventional format for vet med records
  8. Do a surgical mask and dust mask work in the same way? Can a surgical mask be used to protect the wearer from dust/chemicals?
    No-a surgical mask does not seal to the face the way a dust mask does
  9. What should be done to a bite wound?
    clean for 15 minutes w/ antiseptic scrub
  10. What are the best ways to help prevent spreading nosocomial infections?
    frequent washing and prevention of contamination
  11. What do the colors red and blue mean on an MSDS?
    • red=flammability
    • blue=health hazards
  12. Who is responsible for notifying an employer that an employee has a health condition that can affect job safety?
    the employee
  13. What is the term that includes age, breed and sex of a pt?
  14. T/F: guessing the breed of a pt is a good way to est rapport with the client?
  15. When are the exam tables in each room cleaned?
    after every use
  16. T/F: Location is the biggest factor in influencing how a client chooses a vet
  17. What are the important factors regarding isolation room set up?
    • as few staff as possible in and out of the area
    • only one door into area from inside hosp and one door from outside of hosp directly into iso ward
    • sep ventiliation system
  18. What is the best way to make sure the general upkeep and cleaning is done regularly/continuously?
    everyone pitches in
  19. When should a pt be brought to an owner in the discharge process?
    After meds dispensed, all instructions given and charge-out
  20. What is the most important factor in how a client percives the level of care given to thier pet?
    How the pt looks when they go home (how clean and dry, clip job etc)
  21. What is the difference between hardware and software?
    • hardware are the physical components of a computer system
    • software is the programs and applications
  22. In general, where is the computer monitor at the front desk situated?
    Where is is not blocking the recetionists view of the waiting area or his/her ability to make eye contact and speak with clients
  23. What factor determines whether a practice will be successful incorporating a computer system?
    training/ed of staff
  24. How can inventory software help a practice?
    more organized stock and related records, less financial waste
  25. How many patients are kept in a POVMR file? (problem oriented vet med rec)
    one pt per file
  26. T/F: Vx certs, Health certs and spay/neuter certs all require the signature of the DVM
  27. A DVM must have examined a pt within _____ days of travel in order to sign a health cert?
    seven days
  28. Who is responsible for maintaining a medical record and why are these records considered a "contract" between client and practice?
    • The staff/practice is responsible for maintaining records
    • For legal reasons/protection in the event that liability comes into question
  29. What information is included in a sx log?
    • induction time
    • time anes was d/c
    • amt of time sx took to perform
    • (*time that the dvm began scrubbing in or removed gown NOT included)
  30. What part of the med record must have the pt's identifying info on it?
    every page
  31. What is a reportable disease, and is a signed consent form needed from the client to report one to the proper authorities?
    disease that may be dangerous to the general public, such as rabies. consent is not needed to report a pt's status concerning reportable diseases
  32. A radiology log is not required by law, so why is one kept?
    to keep records for technique charts and re-shoots
  33. Why are consent forms used in veterinary medicine?
    to protect the practice in regard to liability as well as to help the client understand the procedures and poss risks
  34. Does the Chief Complaint include the progression of the illness and whether the pt is improving or worsening?
  35. Are the date of manufacture, patent date or previous trade dates included on MSDS labels?
  36. What are some responsibilities of OSHA?
    • ensure health and safety standards are maintained
    • make sure related signage is posted in work areas
  37. What is one of the most important traits for a VA to have in regard to pt restraint?
  38. Which 2 substances common in veterinary hospitals cause toxic gasses when combined?
    bleach and ammonia
  39. What is important to know about lifting a pt for transport?
    pts weighing over 40# should be lifted by 2 people
  40. What could happen if an O2 tank is not chained to the wall?
    the valve could dislodge and the pressure could cause the tank to rocket across the room
  41. Are gloves needed when working with chlorhexadine scrub?
  42. are gloves required when working with x-ray developing chemicals and/or pesticides/insecticides?
  43. T/F: All containers, primary and secondary, must be labeled with product name and potential hazards
  44. What will help MOST to avoid having a client become problematic?
    being warm and courteous
  45. T/F: making eye contact w/ the client AND pt is a good way to est good rapport
    false, no eye contact w/ pt
  46. what does the abbreviation ddx mean?
    differential dx (list of initial possible diagnoses)
  47. what does the abbrev cc mean?
    cubic cm
  48. Describe a hospital director:
    • little-no med training
    • business background and degree
    • handles staffing and office related management
  49. Describe a VA
    VAs can perform most tasks in a practice except sx, sutures, dental extractions
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