FL MPJE Review

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  1. A prescription drug manger of record can be a manager of how many pharmacies at a time?
    One (exceptions can be granted)
  2. If a prescription drug manager wants to relinquish his role, he must notify the state board within how many days?
    10 days
  3. May a community pharmacy use an automated filling system and do limited sterile compounding?
  4. What is a Class I Institutional Pharmacy?
    Nursing home
  5. What is a general definition of a Class I institutional pharmacy (nursing home)?
    • *All medicinal drugs are adminsitered from individual prescription containers to the individual patient
    • *Medicinal drugs are not dispensed on premises
  6. Is a nursing home allowed to have a pharmacy on premises?
    No - no dispensing permitted on premises.
  7. What type of pharmacist must be in a nursing home?
    A consultant pharmacist of record
  8. What must a consultant pharmacist do at a nursing home?
    Must provide written, on-site consultation (drug regimen review ) at least once a month
  9. Can a nursing home use automated filling systems?
  10. In regards to automated filling systems, a consultant pharmacist of record is reponsible for what duties?
    • *Maintaining a record of each transaction/operation
    • *Controlling access to the system
    • *Maintaining policies and procedures
  11. What can a nursing home do while waiting for another contracted pharmacy to be able to dispense/deliver the meds?
    Contract with another pharmacy to provide "starter doses"
  12. What type of kits must nursing homes have for residents?
    Emergency kits
  13. Who determines the drug selection of these emergency kits?
    Medical Director, Director of Nursing, and Pharmacist
  14. What must these kits have?
    • *All contents labeled
    • *Sealed
    • *Written policies and procedures for use
    • *Inventory log attached to kit
  15. When must a kit be resealed if the seal is found broken?
    By next business day
  16. The nursing home may have controls in their emergency kit, but do they need to be DEA-registered?
  17. In an ICD/FF Intermediate Care Facility for Developmentally Disabled, up to how many controlled drugs can be included in an emergency kit (and how many doses)?
    • *Up to five controlled drugs
    • *Up to 3 doses of each for 60 or less beds (add'l 3 doses for each 60 beds subsequent)
  18. Who are allowed to inventory, replace, and reseal emergency kits for ICD/FF?
    Nurses and pharmacists
  19. What is a Class II Institutional Pharmacy?
  20. What is the definition of a Class II Institutional Pharmacy (Hospital)?
    Dispensing and consultation on premises, pharmacy onsite
  21. In a hospital, meds must be dispensed in what type of packages?
  22. Describe the operating hours of hospital pharmacies.
    Sufficient to provide adequate and quality services
  23. When is a hospital pharmacy considered closed?
    When no pharamcist is present and on-duty - in this case, the pharmacy must be locked
  24. What type of pharmacist must a hospital pharmacy have?
    Consultant pharmacist of record
  25. Can ER doctors dispense meds for outpatient use?
    Yes (inclu controlled substances)

    • *Smallest duration or 24 hrs
    • *Only when drug is warranted and community pharmacy services are not available
    • *Records made be doc and maintained by Consultant Pharmacist
    • *Must properly label drugs
  26. What is a modified class II institutional pharmacy?
    • Pharmacies that meet requirements of class II permit, except space and equipments requirements
    • Examples: primary alcholism treatment centers, free-standing ER's, rapid in/out surgical centers, certain county health programs, and correctional institutions)
  27. What type of pharmacist must a modified class II pharmacy have?
    Consultant pharmacist that provides written, on-site consultation (drug regimen review) at least monthly
  28. Drugs dispensed in a modified class II IP can only be used where?
  29. Consultant pharmacists are responsible for providing what 2 things in a mod class II IP?
    Written protocols and policy/procedure manual
  30. What are some examples of a Modified Class II A? Describe their formulary.
    • *Methadone clinic, dialysis center
    • *A limited formulary of 15 drugs or less
    • *Cannot have large stock bottles of controlled substances (>100 dosages)
    • *<10% of mod class II registrations
  31. What are some examples of a Modified Class II B? Describe formulary.
    • *Surgical center
    • *Bulk, or unit dose (no formulary limitations)
    • *>90% of registrations
  32. Special-Limited Community?
    • *For employees and dependents personal use
    • *Patients under continuation of course of therapy
    • *Patients in ER
  33. Special-Parenteral and enteral?
    Sterile products, parenteral/enteral compounding
  34. Special-Closed System Pharmacy
    Dispenses medical drugs, using closed delivery systems to facilities where Rx's are individually prepared for the ultimate consumer (e.g., nursing homes, jails, ALFs)
  35. Special-non-resident (mail-service)
    Pharmacy out of state delivering a dispensed med into this state
  36. Special-End Stage Renal Disease?
    Provides dialysis products and supplies to persons with chronic kidney failure for self-administration at person's home
  37. Special-Parenteral/Enteral Extended Scope
    Pharmacies which compound patient specific enteral/parenteral preparations in conjunction with institutional pharmacy permits
  38. Special-ALF?
    • *Assisted Living Facilities providing a drug delivery system using meds provided in unit-dose packaging
    • *Consultant RPh must provide drug regimen review monthly at least
  39. Where are internet pharmacies located?
    In- or out-state
  40. If an internet pharmacy is going to dispense controls, what 2 active registrations will it need?
    Pharmacy and DEA
  41. Is an internet pharmacy providing services to this state is required to be registered as an Internet Pharmacy in FL?
  42. How long must an internet pharmacy be open?
    At least 6 days a week, and 40 hrs a week
  43. What is required in every prescription bottle label filled by an internet pharmacy?
    A toll-free number
  44. Does an internet pharmacist need a licensed prescription drug manager? if som does he need to be licensed in FL? And if he is relinquishing his role, he must notify the board within how many days?
    • *Yes
    • *No
    • *within 30 days
  45. What pharmacy is requried to reigister as a non-resident pharmacy?
    An out-of-state pharmacy that ships, mails, delivers, or advertises it fills RX's to FL pts
  46. If nonresident pharmacy is dispensing controls, what 2 registrations must it have as active?
    Pharmacy license and DEA registration
  47. How long must a nonresident pharmacy be open?
    At least 6 days a week, 40 hrs a wk
  48. What must a nonresident pharmacy put in each prescription bottle label?
    Toll-free number
  49. Out-of-state pharmacies must register as what?
  50. In a nuclear pharmacy, who is designated as a prescription department manager?
    A FL nuclear RPh
  51. When the PDM of a nuclear pharmacy wants to relinquish his responsibilities, how long does he have to notify the board?
    Within 10 days
  52. The Hot lab, storage area, and compounding and dispensing area shall be a min of how many sq ft?
    150 sq ft
  53. Can a registered tech in a nuclear pharmacy take an oral prescription (write a new prescription)?
  54. When can you obtain sodium pentobarbital (w/lidocaine) for animal euthanasia?
    Animal Shelter Pharmacy
  55. Can you transfer over a permit?
    No; new owner must complete application and be BOP approved
  56. How often are permits renewed?
    every 2 yrs
  57. Do you need to be a pharmacist to own/permit a pharmacy?
  58. What must occur before a permit is issued? What must you have before DEA registration?
    • *An inspection
    • *Need a permit before DEA registered
  59. You may advertise drugs and pricing, but what are the 2 exceptions?
    • *No controlled substances advertising
    • *No advertising ephedrine, stimulants, drugs for mental alertness, weight loss, appetitie control, energy, and non-FDA approved indications
  60. How often must expiration dates be checked?
    every 4 months (3 times a yr) and remove immediately
  61. How often must you conduct Continuous Quality Improvements Program reviews?
    Every 3 months (quarterly)
  62. How long must you maintain CQI reports?
    2 years
  63. You must give the generic unless:
    • 1) Pt requests brand
    • 2) Doc says it's "medically necessary"
    • 3) Drug is in negative formulary
  64. Are samples allowed in community pharmacy?
  65. Are samples allowed in class II IP?
    Yes upon written request of prescriber
  66. How many permits can a pharmacy have?
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