SAT Vocab 10

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  1. guile
    • (n) slyness
    • He rose to a high position through guile and treachery.
  2. incessant
    • (adj) never-ending
    • His incessant complaining offended his hosts.
  3. deter
    • (v) to prevent
    • Many policemen were on the field to deter fans from mobbing the victorious team.
  4. infamous
    • (adj) having an extremely bad reputation
    • Jesse James was an infamous outlaw.
  5. depravity
    • (n) corruption
    • The depravity of his behavior shocked all.
  6. mitigate
    • (v) to lighten; lessen
    • He did nothing to mitigate her anger.
  7. reprehensible
    • (adj) blameworthy
    • I find your present attitude reprehensible.
  8. analgesic
    • (adj) tending to remove pain; soothing
    • The analgesic qualities of this lotion will provide temporary relief.
  9. fortuitous
    • (adj) lucky
    • It was fortuitous that Pip was in the graveyard when Magwitch was.
  10. adulation
    • (n) overenthusiastic praise
    • He thrived on the adulation of his followers.
  11. acrimonious
    • (adj) nasty in behavior; bitter
    • His acrimonious remarks ailenated his audience.
  12. fallacious
    • (adj) illogical
    • Your fallacious argument will not persuade any intelligent person.
  13. desiccate
    • (v) to dry up
    • A tour of this smokehouse will give you an idea how the pioneers used to desiccate food in order to preserve it.
  14. sagacious
    • (adj) keen
    • He is much too sagacious to be fooled by a trick like that.
  15. apocryphal
    • (adj) untrue
    • His apocryphal tale fooled the gullible listeners.
  16. gullible
    • (adj) easily deceived
    • His apocryphal tale fooled the gullible listeners.
  17. astute
    • (adj) keen
    • His astute remark impressed the professor.
  18. atrophied
    • (v) withered; to fade; to decay
    • His leg muscles atrophied while the cast was on.
  19. cryptic
    • (adj) mysterious
    • Mrs. Joe's cryptic drawing baffled Pip and Biddy at first.
  20. scrupulous
    • (adj) honest; having a sense of right and wrong
    • Atticus was a very scrupulous person.
  21. respite
    • (n) temporary delay; a break
    • When you are in college, you will enjoy whatever respite you are given after exams.
  22. virtuoso
    • (n) a person with skill in a field: expert; savant
    • His goal was to become a violin virtuoso.
  23. willful
    • (adj) stubborn; obdurate
    • The willful child always wanted his way.
  24. paucity
    • (n) lack
    • There was a paucity of medical supplies after the disaster in Japan.
  25. rescinded
    • (v) to repel
    • The principal rescinded his stringent dress code when parents objected.
  26. immured
    • (v) to imprison
    • Much to his dismay, Fortunato was immured by Montressor.
  27. pugnacious
    • (adj) quarrelsome; contentious
    • The pugnacious student was suspended for insubordination.
  28. censure
    • (n) strong disapproval
    • The newspaper were unanimous in their censure of the raising of taxes.
  29. clandestine
    • (adj) secretive
    • The clandestine meetings went undiscovered for years.
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