DSE212 Key Terms 2

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  1. Theory of mind
    • Mentally in another’s place
    • Explain & predict actions through prior knowledge & past exp
    • Concept = fundamental aspect of what makes us human
    • Maxi test - Chandler et al (2 yr olds)
    • Autism no, learning dis yes

    • Importance
    • Interest of evolutionary psychologists in evolved adaptation possibility
  2. Natural selection
    • Key term - Darwin's theory of evolution
    • Process for genes coding adaptive characteristics passing on
    • ‘Survival of the fittest’
    • e.g. speed, camouflage

    • Importance
    • Evolved characteristics – better environment survival
    • Explore adaptation re: characteristics.
  3. Sexual selection
    • Special form of natural selection
    • Reproductive success
    • Physical/psychological characteristics affect mate attraction
    • Males - more mates, more offspring, short relations
    • Females - better quality mates, less offspring, long-term care giving

    • Importance
    • Sexual selection determines reproductive success Success = > probability of passing on advantageous traits
    • Gender behaviour differences
  4. Reciprocal altruism
    • Mutually beneficial behaviour with expected reciprocation at some time
    • Aka direct reciprocity
    • Contrasts with kin selection and indirect reciprocity
    • Risk of no reciprocation

    • Importance
    • Evolutionary biology interest re exploring behaviour evolved in order to survive
    • Attributes beliefs to others - Theory of Mind.
    • Evidence suggesting ape altruism

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DSE212 Key Terms 2
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DSE212 Key Terms

DSE212 Key Terms 2
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