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  1. What is the Tail of Spence?
    Superior lateral corner of breast tissue, projects up and laterally into the axilla
  2. Internal Anatomy of Breast (3 types of tissue)
    • Glandular (lobes, lobules, alveoli, lactiferous ducts)
    • Fibrous (suspensory ligaments)
    • Adipose (makes up most of breast)
  3. Axillary Lymph Nodes of the Breast
    • central axillary
    • pectoral/anterior axillary
    • subscapular
    • infra/suprascapular
  4. Patterns of Lymphatic Drainage
    • From central axillary nodes, drainage flows up to the infraclavicular and supraclavicular nodes.
    • Small amount flows directly up to the infraclavicular group, deep into the chest or into the abdomen or directly across the opposite breast
  5. adolescent female development
    takes an average of 3 years for breast bud to develop into mature breast. breast developent precedes menarche
  6. Considerations during Pregnancy
    • Breasts expand secondary to ductal system, fatty tissue, secretory alveoli
    • Colostrum after 4th month (thick yellow fluid, precursor to milk, high in protein and lactose)
  7. What is Paget's Disease?
    type of cancer that manifests by: small crust on nipple then spreads, eczema, dermatitis
  8. Best time to do a BSE?
    day 3-5 of cycle (least amount of hormones)
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