GCSE Biology

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  1. pollution
    changes the environment
  2. we can use the presence of organisms that are particuarly tolerant of or affected by pollution as
    pollution indicators
  3. lichens are often found on trees and walls . There are many different species ; some can only grow
    where there is no air pollution and others are tollerant of other kinds of pollution
  4. most aquatic organisms get the oxygen they need for respiration directly from the water they live in and not the air . Fertilisers and sewage contain high levels of nitrogen and prosphate . If they drain into the water they can cause
    plants , algae and bacteria to grow rapidly and use up the oxygen during respiration . As the oxygen concentration drops , some organisms such as mayfly larvae die because they can't get the oxygen they need
  5. other organisms can survive in water that has a very low oxygen concentrations because because they have special adaptations . The bloodworm is
    red because it contains heamoglobin , which combines with oxygen , as it does in our red blood cells
  6. different aquatic inverterbrates can tolerate different levels of oxygen concentrations , so we can use their presence or absence to indicate
    how polluted the water is
  7. the mayfly larvae can only live in
    unpolluted water
  8. the bloodworm can survive in
    highly polluted water
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