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  1. Nutritional deficit
    negative nitrogen balance, causing body to use its protein stores for energy - leads to fatigue, irritability and changes in appearance; impedes ability to fight disease
  2. Possible causes of nutritional deficit
    dietary imbalances, illness, infection, anxiety, stress
  3. Six routes for providing enteral nutrition
    oral, nasogastric tube, gastronomy, nasoduodenal, nasojejunal, jejunostomy
  4. How enteral nutrition is administered
    bolus, intermittent or continuous drip or cyclic infusion
  5. Three mixtures for enteral nutrition
    blenderized, polymeric, elemental (monomeric)
  6. Blenderized mixture
    liquid prepared based on patient's nutritional needs - may include baby food with added liquid
  7. Polymeric mixture
    milk-based (powder mixed with milk or water) or lactose-free (isotonic solution)
  8. Elemental (monomeric) mixture
    liquids or powders rapidly absorbed in the small intestines
  9. Composition of enteral mixtures
    carbohydrates (dextrose, sucrose or lactose), proteins (intact, hydrolyzed or free amino acids) and fats (corn, soybean or safflower oil)
  10. Complications of enteral feeding
    dehydration, aspiration, diarrhea
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