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  1. Performance
  2. Performance Improvement
    The continuous study and adaptation of a healthcare organization's functions and processes to increase the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes
  3. Infection control
    A system for the prevention of communicable diseases that concentrates on protecting healthcare workers and patients against exposure to disease-causing organisms and promotes compliance with applicable legal requirements through early identification of potential sources of contamination and implementation of policies and procedures that limit the spread of disease
  4. Utilization management
    The planned, systematic review of the patients in a healthcare facility against care criteria for admission, continued stay and discharge. Also a collection of systems and processess to ensure that facilities and resources, both human and nonhuman, are used maximally and are consistent with patient care needs.
  5. Risk management
    A comprehensive program of activities intended to minimize the potential for injuries to occur in a facility and to anticipate and respond to ensuing liabilities for those injuries that do occur
  6. Clinical practice guidelines
    A detailed, step-by-step guide used by a healthcare organization's governing board to a member of the medical staff that enables the physician to provide patient services in the organization within specific practice limits
  7. Clinical protocols
    Specific instructions for performing clinical procedures establish by authoritative bodies, such as medical staff committees, and intended to be applied literally and universally
  8. Critical paths (pathways in Shaw)
    A multidisciplinary outline of anticipated care within an appropriate time frame to aid a patient in moving progressively through a clinical experience that ends in a positive outcome. The case manager identifies, in conjunction with the treatment team, the actions to be taken when the patient's care is not proceeding optimally
  9. Accreditation standards
    Preestablished statements of the criteria against which the performance of participating healthcare organizations will be assessed during a voluntary accreditation process
  10. Licensure requirements (licensure in Johns and Shaw)
    The process of granting a healthcare organization or an individual healthcare practitioner a license to practice
  11. Root cause analysis
    Analysis of a sentinel event from all aspects (human, procedural, machinery and material) to identify how each contributed to the occurrence of the even and to develop new systems that will prevent recurrence
  12. Force-field analysis (Johns)
    A performance improvement tool used to identify specific drivers of, and barriers to, an organizational change so that positive factors can be reinforced and negative factors reduced.
  13. Histogram
    A bar graph used to display data proportionally
  14. Scatter diagram
    A graph that visually displays the linear relationships among factors
  15. Brainstorming
    An idea-generating technique in which a team leader solicits creative input from team members
  16. Nominal group technique
    A quality improvment technique that allows groups to narrow the focus of a discussion or to make decisions without becoming involved in extended, circular discussions
  17. Run chart
    A type of graph that shows data points collected over time and identifies emerging trends or patterns
  18. Multivoting technique
    A decision-making method for determining group consensus on the prioritization of issues or solutions
  19. Statistical process control chart
    A type of run chart that includes both upper and lower control limits and indicates whether a process is stable or unstable
  20. Checksheet
    A tool that permits the systematic recording of observations of a particular phenomenon so that trends or patterns can be identified
  21. Flowchart
    A graphic tool that uses standard symbols to visually disply detailed information, including time and distance, of the sequential flow of work of an individual or a product as it progresses through a process
  22. Pareto chart
    A bar graph that includes bars arranged in order of descending size to show decisions on the prioritization of issues, problems or solutions
  23. Customer
    The internal or external recipient of services, products or information
  24. Survey (survey tools in Shaw)
    Research instruments used to gather data and information from respondents in a uniform manner through the administration of a predefined and structured set of questions and possible responses
  25. Interview
    A discussion of the qualifications and experiences of a job applicant with respect to the employment process; or a discussion about an organization with its leadership during the accreditation or licensure survery process
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