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  1. flower pot close
    st anns road/ l in from tottenham high rd
  2. crossway
    kingsland high st/ mildmay road
  3. bills restaurant n1
    white lion st
  4. howard league for penal reform
    ardleigh road n1/ sdol in from englefield road
  5. northchurch road
    southgate road/ essex road
  6. claremont united reformed church
    white lion st - sdor in 1 way part
  7. cynthia street
    pentonville road/ donegal street
  8. paula pryke flower school
    cynthia street- sdol in from pentonville road
  9. paul robeson house wc1
    penton rise
  10. james lighthill house
    penton rise- sdol in from pentonville road
  11. astor college
    charlotte street- sdor as you enter in from howland street
  12. pollen st
    in from maddox st/ out to hanover st
  13. black lion french horn pub
    pollen street -sdor in (ghost point)
  14. sunflower restaurant
    pollen street- sdor in from maddox st
  15. hardy's bar
    south audley street- sdor heading northbound
  16. indonesia embassy
    grosvenor square- south side just before south audley st
  17. ambassadeurs casino
    hamilton place
  18. rex place
    mount street/ south street w1
  19. qatar embassy
    south audley street- sdor in from curzon st, just below audley sq
  20. university womens club
    audley sq/ south audley street
  21. nehru centre
    south audley street/ sdor up on corner of hill st *nrt into hill st
  22. gaurds club
    picadilly- lol only 1st left down street
  23. halkin hotel
    halkin street- sdol in....exits onto belgrave sq
  24. cadogan hall
    sloane terrace
  25. cadogan lane
    pont street/ doyley st
  26. antelope pub
    eaton terrace- one way in from west eaton place
  27. la poule au pot restaurant
    ebury street- pimlico st end
  28. tinello restaurant
    pimlico road- opposite orange sq
  29. lime tree hotel
    ebury street- sdor just past elizabeth st -one way to eccleston street
  30. goring hotel
    beeston place- in via lower grosvernor place/ victoria sq, and out onto eaton lane, and grosvenor gardens
  31. roussilon restaurant
    st barnabas street- sdor in from pimlico road
  32. orange brewery pub
    pimlico road/ on the corner of st barnabas street
  33. belgrave house
    buckingham palace road- sdol n bound- lol 1st l lower belgrave place
  34. google hq
    belgrave house- buckingham palace road- sdol n bound- lol 1st l lower belgrave place
  35. press association
    vauxhall bridge road- 1 way part sdol- can lol and r neathouse place
  36. station hotel
    vauxhall bridge road- sdol bang opposite neathouse place, cant get
  37. mango tree restaurant
    hobart place- gen get point from buck palace rd/ grosvenor gdns, r hobart place
  38. jugged hare pub
    vauxhall bridge road- sdol just before porchester row- lol only and nrt warwick way (use vincent sq to t/a)
  39. francis street
    vauxhall bridge rd/ howick place- to get in from V.B.R northbound use; l upp tachbrook st, l warwick way, f rochester row, l willow place, r into francis st
  40. chelsea college of art and design
    atterbury street- in from millbank, and out onto john islip st
  41. london scottish t/a centre
    horseferry road/ opposite channel 4 tv
  42. grenadier house
    horseferry road/ opposite channel 4 tv
  43. the old monk pub
    strutton ground- sdol in. lol l/r victoria st or f broadway
  44. loose box pub
    horseferry road- next to westminster coroners court
  45. department of education
    great smith street
  46. church house
    great smith street- sdol in from victoria street
  47. japan embassy
    picadilly- lol only 1st left is halfmoon street
  48. department for transport
    marsham street/ also on horseferry road
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