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  1. Of the following types of security, which would be primarily concerned with someone stealing the server from the premises?

    A: Physical security

    B: Operational security

    C: Management and policy

    D: Authentication
    A: Physical security is primarily concerned with the loss or theft of physical assets. This would include theft, fire, and other acts that physically deny a service or information to the organization.
  2. Upper management has suddenly become concerned about security. As the senior network administrator, you are asked to suggest changes that should be implemented. Which of the following access methods should you recommend if the method is to be one that is primarily based on preestablished access and can’t be changed by users?

    A: MAC

    B: DAC

    C: RBAC

    D: Kerberos
    A: Mandatory Access Control (MAC) is oriented toward preestablished access. This access is typically established by network administrators and can’t be changed by users.
  3. Your office administrator is being trained to perform server backups. Which authentication method would be ideal for this situation?

    A: MAC

    B: DAC

    C: RBAC

    D: Security tokens
    C: Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) allows specific people to be assigned to specific roles with specific privileges. A backup operator would need administrative privileges to back up a server. This privilege would be limited to the role and wouldn’t be present during the employee’s normal job functions.

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General Security concepts
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