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  1. What is sterilzation
    killing everything, all microbes
  2. What is Pasturation
    • used to destroy heat-senstive spoilage organisms
    • concern: spoilage
  3. What is disinfection
    • uses antimicrobial chemicals
    • how we clean the lab benches
  4. What is detamination
    reduce pathogens to a safe level
  5. What is degerming
    • decrease germs in a specific area
    • ex: clean the arm spot before a shot
  6. What is antispetics
    used on skin
  7. What is santizers
    • control designed to meet health standards
    • clean apperance
  8. What is preservation
    • food spoilage
    • limited other perishables too
  9. what is PCR, how is it used
    • PCR can be used to detect any organism or virus.
    • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) uses primers to attempt to amplify specific bits of DNA. DNA replication needs a primer, 3’ OH which is complimentary to base pairs. Multiple sets of primers allow a better chance of identifying.
  10. Name two of Koch's Postulates
    organism always present in diseased host, absent in healthy one

    organism can be grown in pure culture outside of host
  11. Chemo organo trophs
    organic organic
  12. Chemo litho autotrophs
    • inorganic CO2
    • Earliest life
  13. Photo auto trophs
    Sun CO2
  14. Photo hetero trophs
    • Sun organic
    • These do NOT produce O2
    • early photosynthesizer
  15. Chemolithotrophs extract electrons from inorganic energy sources, passing on to the ETC, that generate a ....
    proton motive force
  16. Anoxygenic Photoautotrophs
    Purple & green
    • No O2 photosynthesis
    • no thylakoid (other membranes)
    • non-cyclic process
    • Electrons from sulfur
    • Carbon fixation form Calvin cycle
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