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  1. Who was the narrator of American History?
    A young girl who lives in the city projects
  2. Who does the narrator like in American History?
    Eugene her next door neighbor
  3. What happend during the course of the story of American History?
    She crushed on her new next door neighbor and tried to become friends with him but was turned down after the Kennedy shooting went down.
  4. What race is the narrator?
    She is Puerto Rican.
  5. What race is Eugene?
  6. What is a protagonist?
    The main character or the hero of the story
  7. What is the Antagonist?
    The person or people whjo repel or in conflict with the protagonist; the bad guy
  8. What is a monolouge?
    A speech made to another person while on stage in a play
  9. What is dialog?
    The words that are exchanged between two people in a play
  10. What is a paradox?
    a statement that reveals a false staement but also reveals truth.
  11. What is a foil character?
    a person who is opposite another character in a story as in personality and bring out the worst in the other.
  12. What is a soliloquy?
    The inner thoughts of a character in a play who reveals their true intentions
  13. Who are Georg and Ulrich?
    The main characters in the Interlopers
  14. What causes Ulrich and Georg to have such a conflict with each other?
    The two have been in a long neighborly feud over a patch of land that Georg's family trespasses on
  15. What happens that change the outlook of the two men towards the feud?
    The men are trapped under a tree and are trapped. They then begin to make light of their feud and become friends
  16. What is the conclusion of the Interlopers?
    The two men are attacked by wolves
  17. Why is the ending of the Interlopers ironic?
    Because after the long feud and being resolved, it is too late and the two men never get the chance to solve it.
  18. Why does Ulrich laugh at the end of the story?
    He realizes that the wolves will kill them and there is no way for them to live anymore.
  19. Who is Doss?
    The taxi driver for the narrator of The Old Man and the Temple.
  20. What happens to Doss after crossing the way past the temple in the taxi?
    He become possesed by the ghost of the temple and is speaking as if he is him
  21. What does the narrator do to free the ghost off of Doss?
    He tells the ghost to think of his wife and to go with her to the next life
  22. What happens in the conclusion of The Old Man and the Temple?
    The ghost leaves the residents of the village alone without the knocking on their doors.
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