Sources of Contract Law

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  1. When does common law of contracts apply?
    Default law that governs contractual relations
  2. What transactions does the UCC apply to?
    Sales of goods
  3. What are "sales" under the UCC?
    Transactions where seller transfers title of good to buyer of value
  4. What is a "good" under the UCC?
    Any movable item (personal property)
  5. What is the majority rule for hybrid (goods and services) contracts?
    Determine which law applies by the predominate purpose of the transaction
  6. What is the minority rule for hybrid (goods and services) contracts?
    Apply UCC goods portion; apply common law to services
  7. What is the general rule and the exception for whether or not computer software is a good?
    General Rule: Courts treats computer software and other e-infom as goods under UCC

    Exception: Some states have legislation
  8. When does common law apply to sale of goods?
    Unless UCC provides contrary provisions
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