English Vocab

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  1. ad‧van‧ta‧geous (adj)
    • helpful and likely to make you successful
    • He was now in a more advantageous position.

    • advantageous to
    • terms advantageous to foreign companies
  2. re‧cep‧tive (adj)
    • willing to consider new ideas or listen to someone else's opinions:
    • You might find them in a more receptive mood tomorrow.
    • a receptive audience

    • receptive to
    • a workforce that is receptive to new ideas
  3. cour‧te‧ous (adj)
    • polite and showing respect for other people
    • The staff are always courteous and helpful.
  4. ad‧vi‧sab‧le (adj)
    • [not before noun] formal
    • something that is advisable should be done in order to avoid problems or risks
    • Regular medical check-ups are advisable.
    • It is advisable to write a career objective at the start of your resume.
  5. co‧op‧e‧ra‧tive also co-operative (adj)
    • 1 willing to cooperate [= helpful; ≠ uncooperative]:
    • He was doing his best to be cooperative.a cooperative witness
    • 2 made, done, or operated by people working together:
    • a co-operative venture between the City Council and the police
    • 3 a cooperative store, bank etc is operated by people working together as a cooperative:
    • a co-operative store in a provincial town
  6. de‧serv‧ing (adj)
    • 1.needing help and support, especially financial support
    • deserving causes/cases
    • The National Lottery provides extra money for deserving causes.
    • 2 be deserving of something formal to deserve something:
    • Some criminals are more deserving of their punishment than others.
  7. in‧for‧ma‧tive (adj)
    • providing many useful facts or ideas:
    • an informative and entertaining book
  8. sub‧stan‧tial (adj)
    • 1 large in amount or number [= considerable]:
    • We have the support of a substantial number of parents.
    • a substantial salarya substantial breakfast
    • The document requires substantial changes.
    • 2 [only before noun] large and strongly made:
    • a substantial piece of furniture
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