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  1. Who is responsible for the entire command and their actions in which he is assigned?
    the CO
  2. Who is the senior enlisted advisor onboard?
  3. Who is the Division Officer responsible to?
    Department Head
  4. What is the WCS responsible for?
    Hour-by-hour (Day to Day) functions in the work center
  5. What are the two types of counselings in the Navy?
    Personal and Performance
  6. What are the requirements for good conduct?
    No NJP/Court Martial and no marks below 3.0
  7. What is the purpose of the Naval Message?
    • 1. Principal means by which commanders communicate.
    • 2. Thoughts, ideas, or info expressed briefly and to the point.
  8. Day Time Group (DTG) example is 31 0800 Z OCT 98. Explain each the DTG.
    • 1. 1st and 2nd= day
    • 2. next 4=time
    • 3. Zone Zuffix
    • 4. month and year
  9. In a naval message, what is the first line of the text?
    Classification/Declassification Line
  10. In personnel record what is on a Page 2? Page 4?
    • 1. Record of Emergency Data
    • 2. Enlisted Qualification History and contains occupational and training related qualifications, awards, and commendations
  11. What is contained on a Page 7 and Page 13 of a personnel record?
    • 1. Pg 7- Court Memorandum
    • 2. Pg 13- Administration Remarks
  12. EDVR stands for?
    Enlisted Distribution Verification Record
  13. What is the purpose of the EDVR?
    It is a monthly statement of an activities enlisted personnel.
  14. What is found on an EDVR?
    • 1. Name and Rate
    • 2. Date Assigned
    • 3. NEC
    • 4. Billet Assigned to
    • 5. Date Reported
    • 6. PRD
  15. A report and disposition of Offense(s) on what form?
    NAVPERS 1626/7
  16. What is an OPREP?
    It is an Operational Report that is used to immediately notify an accidental detonation of nuclear weapons.
  17. What is a MOVEREP?
    It is a Movement Report that is the primary source of locatioin information concerning ships.
  18. What is LOGREQ?
    Logistical Requirements submitted by a ship prior to entering port to notify the proper commands of the visiting ships logistic requirements while visiting that port.
  19. What does SORTS stand for?
    Status of Requirement and Training Support
  20. What is a SITREP?
    It is a Situation Report submitted for Bomb threats, EO violations, and sexual harassment.
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