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  1. AOPs of Champagne
    • Champagne AOP
    • Coteaux Champenois AOP
    • Rosé des Riceys AOP
  2. Champagne AOP Département:
    • Aube,
    • Aisne,
    • Marne,
    • Haute-Marne,
    • Seine-et-Marne
  3. Champagne AOP Styles:
    • Vin Mousseux Blanc
    • Vin Mousseux Rosé (either saignée or blending prior to tirage is authorized)
  4. Champagne AOP Encépagement:
    • Pinot Noir,
    • Chardonnay,
    • Meunier,
    • Pinot Blanc,
    • Pinot Gris,
    • Arbane,
    • Petit Meslier
  5. Champagne AOP Base Wine Statistics:
    • Minimum Potential Alcohol: 9%
    • Maximum Residual Sugar: 10 g/l
  6. Champagne AOP Tirage:
    • Secondary fermentation (prise de mousse) is accomplished in glass bottles
    • Tirage may not occur until at least January 1 of the year following the harvest
    • Volume of wine may not increase by more than 1.12% per 1% increase in alcohol during secondary fermentation
    • Wines may not be disgorged until at least 12 months after the date of tirage
    • Finished wines are marketed in the same bottle in which tirage occurred, except for bottle sizes with a volume smaller than 375 ml or larger than 3 liters. For NV bottlings, up to 20% of 375 ml bottles may also be transferred into new bottles.
  7. Champagne AOP Liqueur d'Expédition:
    The addition of liqueur d'expédition may not lead to an increase in volume of wine (expressed in percentage) higher than the sum of the percentage increase in alcoholic strength (multiplied by a coefficient of 1.266) and the grams per liter increase in sugar content (multiplied by a coefficient of 0.0666). See the following formula: Volume of Wine (%) = (1.266 × Alcohol Percent Increase) + (0.0666 × Sugar Increase)
  8. Champagne AOP Vintage Dated Wines:
    Max. 80% of a year's vintage may be bottled with a vintage date Vintage-dated wines must contain 100% of a stated vintage (with the exception of wine and products contained in the liqueur de tirage or the liqueur d'expédition)
  9. Champagne AOP Élevage:
    • NV wines: Min. 15 months from date of tirage
    • Vintage Wines: Min. 36 months from date of tirage
  10. Champagne AOP Minimum Must Weight:
    143 g/l
  11. Champagne AOP Minimum Planting Density:
    max. 2.5 square meters per vine
  12. Champagne AOP Permitted Training Methods:
    Chablis, Cordon de Royat, Vallée de la Marne (allowed for Meunier only), Guyot (simple or double)
  13. Champagne AOP Maximum Yields (Rendement de Base):
    10,400 kg/ha
  14. Champagne AOP Maximum Press Yield:
    102 liters/160 kg (Additional pressed juice is rebêche, or the "end of pressing", and must account for 0-10% of the total. This may only be used for distillation.)
  15. Champagne AOP Established:
    1936 (earlier protections date to 1919)
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