SI Chap 34

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  1. Refereed Article
    Article that has been subjected to review by content experts and accepted for publication on the basis of reviewer evaluation
  2. Introduction
    Tells about the purpose of the study and how the authors developed the research question. Involves review of literature that frames the theoretical foundation of the study, and answers questions (problem investigated? how has author used literature? theoretical context? references appropriate/comprehensive? specific purpose? hypotheses?)
  3. Blinding
    Process done to protect subjects, testers, and investigators from causing a bias in the results
  4. Effect Size
    Tells about the strength of the observed relationships. The usefulness of a study's results lie in the size of the effect demonstrated
  5. Critically Appraised Topic (CAT)
    Used to understand quality of evidence by providing a brief summary of a search and critical appraisal of literature related to a focused clinical question
  6. CAT Title
    Concise statement that will be used to catalogue the CAT
  7. CAT Author and Date
    Author of CAT should be specified, as well as date the search was executed. Revision date should be proposed
  8. CAT Clinical Scenario
    Concise description of the patient case that prompted the question
  9. CAT Clinical Question
    The question that was developed from the patient case. Includes PICO model
  10. CAT Clinical Bottom Line
    Concise summary of how the results can be applied; a description of how results will affect clinical decisions or actions
  11. CAT Search History
    Description of the search strategy used to obtain studies being appraised
  12. CAT Citations
    Full bibliographic citations of studies selected for review
  13. CAT Summary of the Study
    Provides a description of the study based on a variety of questions including type of study, subjects, procedures, and design elements
  14. CAT Summary of the Evidence
    Results summarized in narrative/ tabular format, including effect size, means and mean differences, confidence intervals, odds ratios, likelihood ratios, etc.
  15. CAT Additional Comments
    Critical comments on the study including issues of sampling, methods, data analysis, quality of discussion, and results interpretation. Positive and negative aspects to be included
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