Global II Quiz 9

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  1. adaptation
    adjustment to the conditions of the environment or culture
  2. Allah
    the one God of Islam
  3. Animism
    the worship of spirits that are part of the natural environment
  4. anthropologist
    social scientist who studies people, their culture, and their different ways of living and behaving
  5. archaeologist
    scientist who studies the cultures of people through their artifacts, such as tools, pottery, writing, etc.
  6. artison
    trained or skilled workers or craftsmen
  7. bourgeoisie
    in Marxism, the social class of the "haves" who are opposed to the proletarian working class "have nots"
  8. deity
    a god or goddess
  9. dialects
    a regional or local variety of languages
  10. ethnic group
    a group of people who have common physical traits, history, and culture
  11. exploit
    to make unfair or selfish use of something or someone
  12. extremists
    people who go to the greatest extent, including violence, to achieve their goals
  13. famine
    severe shortage of food in which many people starve to death
  14. genocide
    the systematic extermination or destruction of an entire people or national group
  15. ideology
    system of beliefs; set of ideas
  16. illiteracy
    the inability to read and write
  17. infrastructure
    the basic transportation and communication system of a nation
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