Global II Quiz 10

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  1. interdependence
    people's dependence on one another
  2. life expectancy
    the probable length of life for an individual
  3. literacy
    the ability to read and write
  4. migration
    the movement of people from one area or country to another
  5. monogamy
    the customy of being married to one person at a time
  6. monotheistic
    belief in one god
  7. nomad
    person who travels in search of food
  8. pacifist
    one who is opposed to war
  9. patriotism
    love and devotion to one's own country
  10. pictograph
    an ancient or prehistoric drawing or painting on a rock wall
  11. polytheistic
    belief in many gods
  12. racism
    a contempt or hatred of other races in a mistaken belief that one race is superior to others
  13. rural
    having to do with farming and the counrtryside
  14. sect
    a group believing in a particular idea or leader
  15. social mobility
    the ability to move up or down in the social class system
  16. urban
    relating to a city
  17. urbanization
    the migration of people from the countryside to the cities
  18. westernization
    the adoption of wester (European) ideas and customs by non-western nations
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