4131 Week 3

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  1. Guest Speaker: Sheila Rankin Zerr
    • -Study of clothing throughtout the centuries provides wealth of valuable historical date
    • -Nursing uniform reveals subjugation of women and their struggles for independence and empowerment
    • -Believed that study of attire worn by nurses throughout the ages reveals a great deal about their relationship with contemporary society about their independence or dependence, and their roles
  2. Guest Speaker: Glennis Zilm
    What is a profession? (7)
    • 1. Intellectual, carrying with it high responsibility
    • 2. Learned in nature, because it's based on a body of knowledge
    • 3. Practical rather than theoretical
    • 4. Technique can be taught through educational discipline
    • 5. Well organized internally
    • 6. Motivated by alturism
    • 7. Communication of the nurses role to the public
  3. Professional Milestones in Canadian Nursing Hx: Formal knowledge base
    • 1. 1st nursing school 1874 St. Catharines Ontario
    • 2. 1st hospital nursing school in BC - 1891 provincial royal jubilee hospital
    • 3. 1st university program - UBC - 1919 - ethel johns director
    • 4. Hospital Schools to College Programs in the 1970s
    • 5. univerity degree - bacc. masters and phd
  4. Status and Control of the Nursing Profession
    International Council of Nurses - Membership needed Nat. Assoc. of Trained Nurses Formed in 1911 - 1924 named Canadian Association of Nursing
    • 1. Canadian Nurses Association - Code of Ethics
    • 2. Provincial Association - NS 1910 On 1922 BC 1918
    • 3. Professional Development - Control of license and discipline - midwifery
    • 4. Union Development
  5. Current Status in British Columbia
    • 1. CRNBC - Standards of Nursing Practice
    • 2. BCNU - Working Conditions and Salaries for Nurses
    • 3. ARNBC (Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia) - Professional Issues and Health Care Policy
  6. 3 R's that foster professional satisfaction
    • 1. Respect
    • 2. Recognition
    • 3. Reward

    -All of this can be obtained through effective public communication and sustained action bc the publis needs to understand that we require significant social and economic resources to do our work (environment, equipment, staff, research, and education) (From Silence to Voice - ending the silence, chapter 1)
  7. Voice of agency?
    being responsible and independent persons
  8. Virtue Script: move away from virtue script
    -It's time to shift focus from the perceived virtues that make us warm and caring
  9. Ending the Silence (FSTV, chapter 1): 3 points
    • 1. nurses must inform the public about nursing
    • 2. Q nurse must make public communication and education about nursing an integral part of work
    • 3. Nruses must communicate in ways that highlight nurses' knowledge rather than their virtues
  10. Public Communication (FSTV, chapter 1): 3 tiers of communication
    • 1. public communication through professional self-presentation
    • 2. public communication through anecdotal description of nursing work
    • 3. public communication through mass media
  11. Chapter 2: Creating a Voice of Agency (FSTV)
    • -Agency: to act/do; capacity for acting or the condition of acting or exerting power
    • -Agent - person who is instrumental; through whom power is exerted
    • -Weelbeing: restricted view of personhood of women
    • -Agency**: central to recognizing people as responsible persons
  12. Virtue Script reinforces (move away from virtue script)
    • -stereotypes that discourage nurses from claiming credit
    • -deploys iconography that questions agency and maturity of the nurse (selling scrubs with hearts and cute gadgets)
    • -agency is diminished by decreasing confidence when people make comments like "why are you becoming a nurse?"
  13. Look at 3rd article for Week 3: McIntyre & McDonald (2009) - Chapter 10: Challenges/Changes in Undergrad Nursing Education
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