Global II Quiz 11

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  1. abundance
    a large amount of something
  2. advocate
    to suppot
  3. centralized
    concentrated at one point
  4. characteristic
    the distinctive quality of; typical
  5. cohesive
    joining or sticking together
  6. constitute
    make up, compose
  7. diversity
    variety; difference
  8. elite
    a special group
  9. emerge
    emerge to come forth from something
  10. evolve
    to develop gradually
  11. exploitation
    taking advantage of something or someone for one's own benefit
  12. foster
    o help along; to promote the development of
  13. hinder
    to prevent from occurring
  14. integration
    bringing together as a whole
  15. mortality
    frequency of death
  16. philosophy
    the beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group
  17. prosperity
    material well-being
  18. retaliation
    seeking revenge for an act or action
  19. status quo
    existing state of affairs
  20. suppress
    to stop or put an end to by force
  21. tradition
    custom/knowledge passed from one generation to the next
  22. valid
    acceptable; convincing
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