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  1. 5 factors that influence the rate of a chemical reaction
    • -temp
    • -conc.
    • -catalyst
    • -nature
    • -surface area
  2. mass can not be created nor destroyed
    Law of Conservation of Mass
  3. a solid that forms during a rxn in a solution
  4. synthesis reaction
    where 1 product is formed
  5. single-displacement
    where 1 element displaces another
  6. double-displacement
    where 2 elements displace each other
  7. the energy it takes for a rxn to take place
    activation energy
  8. the reactant that runs out first
    limiting reactant
  9. the efficiency of a rxn
    percentage yield
  10. the amount of product calculated in a stoich problem
    theoretical yield
  11. substance whose water solution is a good conductor of electricity (with ions)
  12. when gas escapes from a liquid
  13. properties that are affected by the concentration of the solute
    colligative properties
  14. can act as an acid or a base
    amphoteric species
  15. the avg kinetic energy of something
  16. flow of energy from hot to cold
  17. the amount of heat required to raise 1 gram of material 1°C
    specific heat
  18. the device used to measure specific heat
  19. the amount of energy released or absorbed by a system at constant pressure
    enthalpy change
  20. main observasions for a chemical rxn
    • -formation of a precipitate
    • -production of gas
    • -production of heat/light
  21. 2 things required for a collision
    • -right amount of energy
    • -correct orientation
  22. what is required of all 4 types of stoiciometry problems?
    mole ratio
  23. units of molar mass?
  24. what happens when limiting reactant runs out?
    rxn stops
  25. scientist: = volumes of gases contain same # molecules
  26. example of hetero & homo mixture
    hetero- whole wheat bread

    homo- sugar water solution
  27. contains particles that are in a dispersed phase & don't settle out
  28. tyndall effect is used to distinguish b/w...
    colloids & solutions
  29. what factors increase the solubility of a solid in a liquid
    • -temp
    • -surface area
    • -stirring
  30. units of energy
  31. AX+BY---> AY+BX is the general form for
    double displacement
  32. two or more substances combine to form one new compound in
  33. the ratio of the actual yield to the theoretical yeild
    % yield
  34. measures atmospheric pressure
  35. total pressure of a mixture of gases is the sum of their partial pressures
    Dalton's Law
  36. if a gas with an odor is released in a room, it's odor detected from across the room is b/c of
  37. EX: air slowly escaping from a pinhole in a tire
  38. a homogeneous mixture in a single phase
  39. metal solution
  40. solution at equilibrium: the rate of dissolution will _____ the rate of crystallization
  41. substance that ionized nearly completely in aqueous solution and produces hydronium ions is
    a strong acid
  42. amount of energy absorbed or lost by a system as energy in the form of heat during a process at constant pressure
    enthalpy change
  43. energy transferred b/w samples due to a diff in temp
  44. the majority of spontaneous reactions in nature are
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