mental health test 1

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  1. what is the best way of handeling an aggressive person
    • redirect them
    • take them out of the place to cool of
  2. what do you do with a demanding client
    set limits
  3. why do we get anxious
    a response to stress
  4. what a way of handleing a client who walks in another client room
    get them ouut and put a big sing with their name on door
  5. what do you do with a client that is halusinating
    tell them you know they are singing something but i dont hear or see what you see
  6. you have a client who is in a physc unit because of epesodes of streamly viaolant behavior can you hold him with out his will
    yes because he is treath to someone or himself
  7. If a client is a treat to you or anyone you can put them in restraints could any legal ramifications be put agains you
  8. whats the best way you comunicate with clients
    open ended questions
  9. client tryed to comit suicide and now appear very calm is this someone you dont have to worry about
    no you have to worry more cause they are calm and thinking more clearly
  10. ptsd (post dramatic stress disorders) is trigered by
    flash back trauma of there stress
  11. the best thing to do with a client going to ptsd is to
    stay with them
  12. what do you do with a clients family going trough ptsd
    they have to be included with the treatment and decause with funtional paterns
  13. whats a delusion of persecusion
    clients feel singled out for harm by other
  14. an example of mental health nursing diagnosis
    a cronic low selfestem relative history of abusive relationships evidence by shame
  15. dsm 4 tr
    • axis I-mental health
    • axis II- personality disorder
    • axis III-general medical diagnoses
    • axis IV-psycosocial problems & living condition
  16. what is not mylotherapy
    a line of time to complete adls nothing fisical
  17. if clients is adimit voluntary
    can leave at anytime
  18. if a client is admited involuntary
    they cant leave until discharge
  19. bipolar disorder that are in a manic stage
    you walk and talk to them to calm them down
  20. a client with a manic stage comes out undress what do you do
    help them back to the room and help them get dress
  21. who benitfit from ect therapy?
    a depressive client that medications dont work
  22. what do you do to a cliennt before a ect
    full medical exam
  23. after the ect a client is
    confused, dayses, walk around like sonbess, and medicated for not pain, monitor vitals
  24. an anxious client who is taking an unanxialitic medication
    the medication takes care if simptoms not the underlining cause of the anxiety
  25. high anxiety when it gets to panic mood you get tunnel vision you cant see
    you have to provide for client safety
  26. what is echopraxia
    involuntary movement imitation of other people
  27. soppuse a depress client is sitting in a dark room by them self what do you do to interact with him
    you go in to the room and sit with them to stablish a relationship with them
  28. you have a client who has an obssesive compulsive dissorder and cant sleep
    you help them decrease the number of repetions they do
  29. delutions are comon with what disorder
  30. you have a client fwho is highly anxious about a procedure that he is undergoing how do you talk to them
    simple short sentences
  31. halussiotions
    is a false sensory perseption the has any external relevent stimulation
  32. obessive compulsive behaviors are form of
    defensive mechanism
  33. what is a conversion disorder
    acrophobia fear of heights
  34. agoraphobia
    fear of going out
  35. what is a conversion disorder
    when people convert there anxiety to physical
  36. the nurse anticipatest that which of the following intervarsion should be appropiately order to a client who come in with a Axis I diagnosis (major depression) and Axis II(personality disorder and metal retardation) what kind of intervention do they need
    individual spycho therapy
  37. a client comes to you and says i have lots of problems i want to end my life your response should be
    are you thinking of killing your self
  38. an irrational fear is a
  39. you have a depress client when are they more at risk for suicide
    whhenn they are comming out of it
  40. give me an example of projection
    blaming another for self failure
  41. thrue statements about mental health
    • -they are able to manage there own activities and behaviors
    • -health people use defensive mechanisms
    • -mental helth is a continuing
    • -
  42. what is anhidonia
    major depression desorder
  43. what is regression
    when you start yelling with out any cause for screaming
  44. what is displacement
    a principle who is under investigation for inappropriate touches and makes a coment if i see any one with out uniform you will be help back a year
  45. what is grandiocity
    having a delusion
  46. when do you use a defense mechanisms
    to stablish equillibriam in your mood swings
  47. what is a tort
    a wrong comited to a person or property
  48. client is depressed dose not want to participate in any activities your best reaction what do you do
    go and help the patient get dress and motivate them to join the activities
  49. while performing a mental status exam on a client you notice all of the following except
    a history of drug abuse or history of alchoholism
  50. when we try to change peoples modivation you
    give positive reinforcement
  51. delussion and hallusination can be seen on people with
    spychiosis and schizophrenia
  52. what is the different between spycosis and schizophrenia
    schisophrenia -is paranoid
  53. an example of suppresion
    dont want to talk about it (keeping feeling inside and not talk about it)
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