Experiencing the Cross Continued

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  1. Isaiah 52:13-53:12 List 3 descriptions of the Messiahs suffering
    Poured out his soul unto death

    Numbered by sinners

    Bore the sin of many
  2. Hundreds of years before that day in Jerusalem when the Messiah was beaten and scourged, Isaiah recorded in this scripture how his face would be so
    DISFIGURED that He would hardly be RECOGNIZABLE His appearance was so marred, beyond HUMAN SEMBLANCE
  3. Our Sin And The Sin-Bearer:
    Every one of us is afflicted and
    diseased by sin and selfishness
  4. Therfore its "our greifs" that the servant bears; it's "our sorrow" that He carries; it's for "our
    SORROWS" that He was wounded, and it's for "our TRANSGRESSORS that He was bruised and crushed.
  5. A promise Given in Blood:

    Without blood, the book of hebrews tells us
    There is no REMISSION
  6. What is it that gives us deliverance from this death that we earn because of our sin?
  7. Our permanent memorial
  8. No personal rights...
    Taking up your CROSS living by the CROSS of CHRIST
  9. Jesus used this term to refer to physical death
    SLEEP...True death is far more significant
  10. What are 3 genuine rights that Jesus gave up on our behalf?


    He became a servant
  11. Some of the incredible benefits we can receive because Christ took our sins on Himself...
    God reconciled us to him through Christ so that we many become righteousness.

    Justified by His blood

    Have eternal life
  12. Romans 5:6 Christ died for the ungodly....The word "died" meant that Jesus walked straight into the terrible night of...
    REGECTION and ETERNAL SEPARATION resulting from SIN and ABANDONMENT and HOMELESSNESS so complete that there's no place you can call HOME.
  13. Those who will put their faith in the Son of God will never experience that pathway of
    UTTER DARKNESS....He took upon himself that FULL DEATH
  14. He gave up His Life-so you could take and keep it, if youll place your
    TOTAL FAITH and TRUST and COMMITTMENT in what HE acoomplished for you.
  15. The Cross and the Ressurection:

    Who did Jesus seek approval from?
    His Father in Heaven
  16. Jesus knew that everything He was going through was the Fathers
    WILL because he had seen it throughout the OLD TESTAMENT
  17. And because he trusted His Father adn remained
    YEILDED and OBEDIENT to his WILL, He knew that death-- even DEEPEST DEATH would not be the end of the story
  18. Our___________ Follows the Cross __________through God's Ressurection Power.
  19. The Neccesary Conclusion: If there wa no ressurection, it would mean the Cross had...
    DEFEATED the purposes of GOD--- the ENEMY would have WON and there would be no SALVATION
  20. When was God's plan of Salvation complete?
  21. What does the CROSS accomplish?

    You go from being ______________ to being__________.
  22. You go from irremovable guilt to being declared ________________ by God
  23. The cross isn’t a ___________ to be discussed, but a ____to be experienced. ( pg. 64 - reader)
  24. Experience Necessary:
    The wages of sin is death, and our _______ of _______ had to be paid. And Jesus paid it; He died that death for all. (pg. 65 -r)
  25. There must be some point in our life where we can say – not just doctrinally, but experientially – “________________________________________________” (pg. 66 -r)
  26. Once you understand the cross, a selfish, ______________ life is simply no longer an option. (pg. 67- r)
  27. The Cross Brings Fullness of Life
    Chapter 9

    What was Paul’s understanding of what God had done for him on the cross?
    Real life meant Christ living out His life within him. (pg. 69-r)
  28. If you want to be everything God intends you to be because of the cross, then let all that God _________in the cross have __________ in your life. (pg. 69 –r)
    accomplished full effect
  29. Paul stated in 2 Corinthians that anyone in Christ is a “_____________“, with all things becoming new in their lives, the newness he referred to was the ______________ of Christ Himself. That’s what’s new (and stays new) in our lives when we live by the cross.
    new creation living presence
  30. How does Christ live out the newess of His life in you? (pg. 70-r)
    • He is not only cleansing you from sin ,
    • guarding you from sin
    • ,and giving you victory over sin ,
    • but He’s filling you with life.
  31. According to Paul what is the message of the cross? The power of God. (pg. 73-r)
    The power of God. (pg. 73-r)
  32. Source of Every Blessing
    Chapter 10
    All Things Freely Given

    What does the cross make available to you?
    Everything . (pg. 75-r)
  33. The cross _____________ everything else in your relationship to God, and it _____________ everything else in your relationship to God. (pg. 75-r)
  34. Already in Place

    The New Testament reveals that everything coming our way from God is ours through Christ by ____________________
    way of the cross. (pg. 76-r)
  35. God, who knows everything, knew in eternity past that we would ________________________________________
    sin and fall short of His wondrous glory. (pg. 77-r)
  36. God created us as creatures of free _______, a ____________ that means we can choose to sin. (pg. 77-r)
    free choice, a freedom
  37. Grace For All Godliness

    God’s undeserved provisions for us is known as ______. (pg.78-r)
  38. Let God Define “All Things”“

    He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” Romans 8:32

    According to Romans 8:32, what does God’s all things include?
  39. Every circumstance in our lives. (pg. 80-r)
  40. God wants us to put all ________________in front of the ______________. (pg.81-r)
    circumstances, cross
  41. The _____________persuades us to ask specifically for that which God has already richly provided for us through the cross. (pg. 82-r)
    Holy Spirit
  42. Because of the cross, we should come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain _________ and find
    _________ to help in time of need. (pg. 83-r)
    mercy grace
  43. Victory Over The Enemy
    Chapter 11

    The Christian never works toward ______, he always works from __________. (pg. 85-r)
  44. What victory is fully available to us because of Christ’s death and resurrection?
    Victory over evil
  45. Knowing You’re The WinnerWho defeated the demon forces and powers for us?
    Christ. (pg. 86-r)
  46. Reading The Wrong BooksBelievers that assume victory has not been won, fail to read or study essentially what book?
    God’s holy scripture. (pg. 87-r)
  47. Christains’ perception of spiritual warfare should not be based on Christain fiction titles, but it should be tested for accuracy against
    God’s Word. (pg.88-r)
  48. The Devil’s Work or God’s Discipline?
    The God of the universe _____ and _____ every one of His children – and He does it because of His love for them. (pg. 89-91-r)
  49. Take Up Your Cross
    Chapter 12

    What did the cross mean to Jesus? __________ ____ ______ and it also meant ____________/____/_______ as God deals with sin. (pg. 92-r)
    Obedience to His Father/obedience to God
  50. _____ in a believer’s life is what keeps that individual from practicing and experiencing God’s _____. (pg.92-r)
    Sin/ Will
  51. Before we can follow Christ in a worthy manner, the cross must be _________ in our life – which means dealing with sin must be central in our life. (pg.93-r)
  52. Blackaby states that Christ defines the term discipleship as, one who has _________ with and ____________deals with sin in a radical manner in his life. (pg. 94-r)
  53. If the cross that every Christian life must bear was filled with New Testament meaning, you would realize that you must take up that cross in regard to sin in your life. You must come to a particular kind of _____________ to your Lord in regard to renouncing sin, or you will not be following Him. (pg. 94-r)
  54. How did God deal with sin at the cross? ___________ (pg. 94-r)
  55. What Our Sin Really is Chapter 13

    What was the greatest tragedy of the cross?
    God laid all the sin of the world on His Son. (pg. 97-r)
  56. What happens when we treat sin casually?
    Disaster. (pg. 97-r)
  57. Our Sin Offends God’s Holiness

    By the very nature of God’s absolute holiness He must __________your t sin. (pg. 97-r)
  58. Reminders of Our Sin
    Why does God wants us to examine our own hearts with an ever-stronger sensitivity to sin.
    To hate sin as He does. (pg. 99-r)
  59. Before you partake of comunion, the Lord’s Supper, you must first examine yourself, and _________ that sin. (pg. 99-r)
  60. In I Corinthians 11:24, Jesus says, “This is My body which is broken for you.” Why was His body broken?
    Because of your sin. (pg. 99-r)
  61. I Corinthians 11:25 states, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood.” This is His blood that seals the agreement God made with His children to provide a covering of _____________ for our sins. (pg. 99-r)
  62. Our Sin Is Rebellion

    ________________- a spirit that rebels against God’s will. (pg. 100-r)
  63. _________________– The practicing sinner is lawless without God’s law. (pg. 102-r)
  64. God’s________ and _________ are the standard to help us identify sin. (pg. 102-r)
  65. As we study Scripture, the Spirit of God must be our______
  66. Our Sin Is Deadly

    _____________ – exceeding or overstepping a limit or boundary. (pg. 103-r)
  67. ____________– deviation or perversion or twisting of standards. (pg. 103 –r)
  68. The soul that continues to sin will know the withering and dying of a relationship with God, and a shrinking capacity to receive and enjoy His p________ and w________. (pg. 104-r)
  69. What is sin’s payoff? ___________
    Death. (pg. 105-r)
  70. Our Sin Affects EveryoneWho does your sin affect? C_________, F___________ and W___________
    Church, family, work. (pg. 105-r)
  71. The ________makes it clear that there is no justification for ever being unreconciled with a christain brother or sister. (pg. 107-r)
  72. The Repentance Required
    Repentance means action. It means turning around… a_______________ your old, sinful direction and launching out in a new , o___________ direction. (pg. 77-workbook)
  73. Lesson 7- Chapters 14-15
    Your Sin And The Cross Of Christ
    Chapter 14

    The whole meaning of s____________is that God deals radically with our sin! (pg. 110-r)
  74. If you have never dealt with sin in your life, have never repented and turned away from your sin, salvation is i_______________. (pg. 110-r)
  75. In salvation, you are delivered out of the k__________ of d______________ and placed into the kingdom of God’s dear Son. (pg. 110-r)
    kingdom of darkness
  76. Why did God Himself have to come and stand between His own justice and the punishment we rightfully deserve?
    He loved us. (pg. 111-r)
  77. Blackaby says, the most profoundly serious thing that the loving heart of God has ever revealed to mankind is – the way of our s__________- and our n______ for it. (pg. 111-r)
  78. Human beings are totally incapable of finding ___________ on their own. (pg. 112-r)
  79. Saved By Grace Through Faith

    We’re to b____________ Him and r____________ to Him our lives, including all our sin. (pg. 113-r)
    believe/ release
  80. F_________ is always based on what you know, not on what you don’t know. (pg. 114-r)
  81. What is it that saves you? G______ t_________ F__________. (pg. 114-r)
    Grace through faith
  82. Immersed Into Christ’s Death and Burial

    Effective faith also understands that when you enter a relationship with Jesus Christ, you are immersed into His d_______ and into His b_________. (pg. 115-r)
    death/ burial
  83. We Died To Sin

    I Peter 2:24 says, Jesus suffered and died “that we, having died to sins, might live for rightousness. As we truly understand scripture, we understand that in the cross we _______ to _______. (pg. 116-r)
  84. After taking upon Himself all the darkness and the blackness of the sin of the entire world, how did Christ emerge from the tomb? V_____________
    Victorious. (pg. 116-r)
  85. Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we also should walk in n_________ of l_________. (pg. 116-r)
    newness / life
  86. Freedom From SinChapter 15

    Sin has a way of deadening a person to the possibility of enjoying life’s true blessings. Sin robs you of_______.
  87. God wants to lead you into things you’ve never before seen or h______ or e___________ through the power of being freed from sin to live fully in the center of His will. (pg. 120-r)
    heard or experienced
  88. The Totality of God’s Deliverance

    The salvation God provides is totally t__________. He hasn’t left anything out. (pg. 121-r)
  89. Here’s what God’s counting on from you: That in the full knowledge of your forgiveness, you’ll forever take up arms against sin and be v__________ in the f________. (p121-r)
    victorious in the fight.
  90. The cross deals not only with the penalty for our sins, the cross also overcomes the whole reality of our n________ of sin. Your sin nature is the controlling tendency that keeps drawing you away from God. (pg. 122-r)
  91. When you become a Christian, you die to sin as the d___________ f___________ in your behavior. (pg. 122-r)
    dominating factor
  92. If you are genuinely born again by the Spirit of God you have experienced a radical t_____________, bringing about an immediate and totally changed attitude toward sin. (pg. 122-r)
  93. God’s Seed Within Us

    If you have been born by the Spirit of God you do not continually practice sin because God has placed within His s_____ – His Son, and everything about Him. (pg. 124-r)
  94. Christ living within us now orchestrates our lives to w_____ free from s_____. (pg.124-r)
    walk/ sin
  95. When it comes to sin, God intends for the c_____ to make a radical d_____________in your life. (pg. 125-r)
    cross /difference
  96. From Active Sin To Active Righteousness

    John makes clear that for the true child of God, the active practice of sin is replaced by the active practice of r___________________. (pg. 125-r)
  97. Although you do not live a perfect life, you are to have a consistent pursuit of h_________ and consistent growth in h_________. (pg. 125-r)
  98. The Holy Spirit And Our Sin
    Your sin. (pg. 126-r)
  99. According to John 16:8-11, what is the particular and ongoing assignment of the Holy Spirit? C_________ y_____ o__ s___. This allows a genuine believer the opportunity to r________ and be immediately r________ to fellowship with God. (pg. 126…127-R)
    Convicting you of sin. repent / restored
  100. What happens if a Christain doesn’t repent? D_________
    Disaster. (pg. 127-r)
  101. You can always access your relationship to God by your degree of responsiveness to H____ W_____. (pg. 127-r)
    His Word
  102. More Sin For More Grace?

    The very nature of our salvation means that God is working in our lives to e____________ our sin. (pg. 128-r)
  103. God places within us a horror of sin, because the soul which keeps on sinning will d___, and such deadly sin is horrendous to God. (pg. 128…129-r)
  104. A true Christian doesn’t c____________ to sin in that grace may abound. With the cross ever before him, he f____ sin with a horror. (pg. 129-r)
  105. Death To Our Slavery

    Slavery to sin was once our inescapable c_________. (pg. 129-r)
  106. When sin is your master, you have to r________ to it. You have to obey; a slave has no other option. (pg. 130-r)
  107. When you’re the slave of sin and sin gives a command, you s_________ and c________. (pg. 130-r)
  108. According to the Book of Romans, as slaves of God, the fruit you get leads to s_______________ and its end, eternal life. (pg. 130-r)
  109. The death and resurrection of Christ have broken the chains of the sin nature’s b_______ and c_________ over your life. (pg. 130-r)
  110. In the c______, God dealt with the whole root system of sin so that sin’s p_______ over you has been totally broken. You never again have to sin. (pg. 130-r)
  111. Though once a slave to sin, you now are “free in regard to r______________”. (pg. 132-r)
  112. Radical Newness

    By the cross of Christ, you are s____ f____. (pg. 132-r)
    set free.
  113. How should you present your body to God? As i____________ of r___________. (pg. 132-r)
    As instruments of righteousness.
  114. How did Paul put into words “What difference does the cross make?” He called it a n___ c_________. (pg. 132-r)
    new creation
  115. You become immersed into a relationship with Christ so that you’re a n___ c_________, with old things passed away and all things becoming n___. (pg. 133-r)
    new creation/ new
  116. Don’t interpret the scriptures by your experience; interpret your experience by the W___ of G____. (pg. 133-r)
    Word of God
  117. When Sin Calls

    God’s Word says that I’m never again in b__________ to sin, and I don’t have to sin. (pg. 134-r)
  118. The flesh within you will keep resisting r_______________ especialy in trying circumstances. (pg. 134-r)
  119. To defeat sin, how should you offer yourself to Christ? H_____ by h______, m________ by m_________. (pg. 135-r)
    Hour by hour, moment by moment.
  120. The Path Of Surrender
    Chapter 16

    Christ words in Matthew 10:24 reminds us – “A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his m________.” (pg. 139-r)
  121. God wants you out of your comfort z_______. (pg. 92-wb)
  122. The cross must come f_____. Denying of self comes f________. (pg. 94-wb)
  123. Jesus within you is urging, g________, and e____________ you to take up your cross in surrender to the Father’s will for you. (pg. 92-wb)
  124. Released For Anything On God’s Heart

    Grasping the cross, means that m____________ work or m_____________ of any kind becomes an incredible privilege, granted to you by the God who saved you so you could live for Him. (pg. 139-r)
  125. How do you even measure the difference and the distance between the glory of God’s heaven and the dark depths of the cross of Calvary? I___ b_______ m__________. (pg. 139-r)
    It’s beyond measure.
  126. The Cross and The Cost

    The cross is about a c_____ we have to pay because of the c_____ that Jesus had to pay. (pg. 140-r)
  127. A cross isn’t something you have to b_____ – it’s something you have to c________ to bear. (pg. 142-r)
  128. When Jesus tells you to take up your cross, He’s calling you to a dynamic choice you must make about the Father’s w_____and His w_____. (pg. 142-r)
  129. The Cross And The Will Of GodWhen Jesus talked to His disciples about taking up the cross and following Him, did He have specific meaning in mind for the cross? y____. Did He mean a real cross? Y_____. (pg, 142-r)
  130. Jesus knew the Father’s will included the c_____, so He always kept m________ in the direction. (pg. 143-r)
  131. Jesus knows the will of God for your life, and knows it thoroughly. And as you surrender the d____and h_____ of your life to Him, He’s living it out. (pg. 144-r)
    days /hours
  132. Our Cross And God’s Will For Us

    When we talk about the cross in the Christain’s life, we’re talking about r_________ your life in such a way that Christ can express Himself in you and t__________ you. (pg. 144-r)
  133. Paul says in I Philippians 2:5, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” He’s telling us to let God have His way to accomplish His p______ in our l______, even to death on a cross- no matter what it c_____. (pg. 144…145-r)
  134. For every believer, the cross is the s_____ and s_______ for obediently carrying out the will of God. (pg. 145-r)
  135. If you walk in right r______________ to God, he will bring to completion His amazing will for your life, and nothing in your c_______________ can ultimately thwart that. (pg. 146-r)
    relationship/ circumstances
  136. Trusting God’s Perfect Knowledge And Love

    God’s perfect love was proven when He gave H____S____for you. (pg. 146-r)
    His Son
  137. Every directive God gives is always accompanied by His p__________ and p__________ to enable us to accomplish and carry out His will. (pg. 147-r)
  138. What you believe about God will always come into deeper truth and clearer focus as you g_____ in your s___________understanding of the cross. (pg. 147-r)
  139. Obedience Is Obedience

    Once we know God’s guidelines, then our response is either sin or r________________. Either we follow what He says or not. (pg. 147-r)
  140. Obedience is o______________, and anything less than obedience is d_______________. (pg. 148-r)
  141. You cannot have your w____ and His w____ at the same time. (pg. 148-r)
  142. You cannot begin to grasp the incredible purpose of God unless you view everything in the light of e__________ and in the light of God’s eternal plan of r______________. (pg. 148-r)
  143. The Difficulty Of Self-Denial

    We so often want to skip the cross and go straight to p_____________. (pg. 148-r)
  144. To experience more of the wonders that come following Him, you must deny self and___________________. (pg. 149-r)
    take up your cross
  145. Only By The Narrow Way

    The majority are simply not interested in the narrow gate and the d____________ p______. (pg. 150-r)
    difficult path
  146. Who will comfirm that you are on the right track or taking the narrow way? G____
    God. (pg. 150…151-r)
  147. If you want the fullest impact of the cross in your life, do not be discouraged if you have to w______ the narrow path a______. (pg. 150-r)
    walk/ alone
  148. God may use the witness of your walk on the narrow way to bring His p__________ and p_________ to many others around you. (pg. 151-r)
  149. The Doors He Sometimes Closes

    The key to your life is not whether you can say you know Him, but whether He can say to you, “___ _______ ____.” (pg. 152-r)
    I know you
  150. The Christian is one who chooses to r_________ His life unconditionally to Jesus’ right to be Lord. The Christian no longer l_____ to s_____, but unto Him who died for us and was raised again. (pg. 153-r)
  151. Self is the source of all our d________________ with God. (pg. 153-r)
  152. The Path Of Discipleship

    The cross shows us how to die to the world’s hold upon us, and it opens up our understanding for walking the path of discipleship, for a lifetime of following our S______ and S_____________. (pg. 156-r)
  153. A few significant matters for every disciple who follows the Lord in the way of the cross: God didn’t create us for time; He created us for e_________. (pg. 157-r)
  154. The way of the cross means a lifetime of p____________ and e____________. (pg. 157-r)
  155. You cannot have the r__________ and the v_________ without the cross. (pg. 160-r)
  156. There is a cross, but the One who called you to b_____ it will go with you, and He knows how to fulfill the Father’s w___. (pg. 160-r))
  157. You cannot experience the f_________ of God apart from q_________time in the Word of God. (pg. 162-r)
  158. Prayer is designed so that we can stand in His presence and know what His w____ is and s________to it. (pg. 164-r)
  159. The Path Of Witness and Ministry

    The work of the cross and ministry is not complete in our lives until we take the m_______ of the cross to the w_______. (pg. 99-wk, pg. 167-r)
  160. Paul says, God gave you a ministry of r________________. (pg. 168-r)
  161. Paul says, because you are a “new creation” you immediately become an am_____________for Jesus Christ. (pg. 169-r)
  162. Ministry To The World

    You are not to think the way the world thinks, but you are to bring the thinking of God to the world, and see it t____________. (pg. 171-r)
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