Poetry terms

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  1. Meter
    the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry. Closley related to Rythm
  2. Apostrophe
    Speaking to someone or something that is no longer there
  3. Alliteration
    similar scentence starters
  4. Assonance
    Repitition of words with the same vowel sound
  5. Repitition
    Repeated word or phrases
  6. Parallelisim
    Scentences written in the same way
  7. Simile
    a Comparison using like or as
  8. Consonanance
    Repetition of the consonant sound
  9. Personifitction
    Giving objects human qualities
  10. Onomatepia
    uses sound to represent words .. bzzzzz
  11. Metaphor
    a comparison between two unlike things
  12. Allusion
    a breif referace to a person, place, event or passage
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