Toddler Years

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  1. toddler hits, bites, or pulls hair
    • don't hit or bite back.
    • don't over react or yell.
    • take toddler aside. say calmly and firmly, "please don't hit. hitting (or biting, etc.) hurts."
    • help him to use words, not actions to say what he feels.
  2. choose your "no's"
    if you overuse the word "no" your child will do the exactly the opposite. try to avoid saying it all the time.
  3. fear
    • your toddler may be afraid of the dark, strangers, animals and other things.
    • his fears are real, so don't ignore him.
    • don't laugh at her or tease her about her fears.
    • try to discuss the fears in a calm way.
  4. eating
    • don't allow your toddler to eat whatever he wants. your job is to provide good food.
    • your child decides how much of it he wants to eat.
    • let him eat a lot when he's in the mood, and eat less when he's not hungry.
    • don't fight with choosy eater. however, if she is not growing and gaining wight, talk to your child's health provider.
    • do not use food as a bribe or threat. never use food to reward "good" behavior or to punish "bad" behavior.
    • your child may be ready to sit at the table.
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