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  1. aberration
    Deviation from what is correct or right.
  2. abeyance
    Suspension of an activity; postponement.
  3. abstemious
    Sparing in use of food or drink; moderate.
  4. abstruse
    Concealed; difficult to comprehend; obscure.
  5. accolade
    Embrace; award; commendation.
  6. acerbic
    Bitter; harsh; caustic.
  7. acrimonious
    Sarcastic; caustic; angry; mordant.
  8. acuity
    Sharpness; acuteness; keenness.
  9. acute
    1. Perceptive. 2. Excruciating.
  10. adept
    Proficient; masterful; expert.
  11. adherent
    Believer; supporter; devotee.
  12. adjunct
    1. Attachment; appendage. 2. Subordinate or auxiliary capacity.
  13. admonish
    Caution; reprove mildly; reprimand.
  14. adroit
    Dexterous; proficient; skillful.
  15. adulation
    Excessive flattery; adoration; idolization.
  16. adulterate
    Make impure or inferior by adding improper ingredients; contaminate; pollute.
  17. advocate
    1. Argue for a cause; defend. 2. Support; uphold.
  18. aesthete
    Person who cultivates beauty or art; connoisseur.
  19. aggrandize
    Make more powerful; amplify; increase.
  20. alacrity
    Eagerness; zeal; speed.
  21. altruistic
    Concerned about the general welfare of others; charitable; generous.
  22. ambivalence
    Uncertainty; doubt; indecisiveness.
  23. ambulatory
    Able to walk; not stationary.
  24. ameliorate
    Make better; improve.
  25. amiable
    Cordial; of pleasant disposition; friendly.
  26. amorphous
    Without structure; shapeless; nebulous.
  27. animate
    Energize; enliven.
  28. anomaly
    Abnormality; deviation from the general rule; irregularity.
  29. antediluvian
    Ancient; antiquated; obsolete.
  30. antipathy
    Feeling of opposition or repugnance; aversion; dislike.
  31. apathy
    Lack of concern; emotion or interest; indifference.
  32. aperture
    Gap; opening; orifice.
  33. apocryphal
    False; unauthenticated; disputed.
  34. apotheosis
    1. Essence; epitome. 2. Canonization.
  35. appease
    Satisfy; make peace; placate.
  36. approbatory
    Expressing approval.
  37. arable
    Suitable for cultivation or plowing.
  38. arrogant
    Feeling superior to other people; egotistical.
  39. ascetic
    Strict; austere.
  40. assuage
    Ease; make less burdensome; mitigate.
  41. atrophy
    Waste away from lack of use; degenerate.
  42. audacity
    Boldness or adventurousness; gall.
  43. authoritarian
    1. Person who acts like a dictator; tyrant. 2. Disciplinarian.
  44. avarice
    Extreme desire for wealth; greed; acquisitiveness.
  45. aviary
    Large enclosure confining birds.
  46. avouch
    Guarantee; take responsibility for; affirm.
  47. avow
    Affirm; assert; declare; acknowledge.
  48. baleful
    Sorrowful; sinister; evil.
  49. balm
    Soothing ointment for pain or healing; salve.
  50. banal
    Trite; insipid; ordinary.
  51. bane
    Deadly affliction; curse; plague.
  52. barbarity
    Cruel action; inhuman act; harsh conduct.
  53. barren
    1. Infertile; impotent. 2. Arid; unproductive.
  54. befuddle
    Stupefy or confuse; misconstrue.
  55. belated
    Tardy; overdue.
  56. beleaguer
    Besiege; surround.
  57. belittle
    Humiliate; tease; diminish in importance.
  58. bemoan
    1. Experience pain or distress. 2. Express pity for; mourn.
  59. bemused
    Preoccupied by thought; bewildered; perplexed.
  60. bilk
    Defraud; deceive; hoodwink.
  61. blandishment
    Cajolery; enticement.
  62. bliss
    Gaiety; happiness; enjoyment.
  63. blithe
    Happy; pleased; delighted.
  64. boisterous
    Noisy; loud; violent; rowdy.
  65. boorish
    Ill-mannered; rude; gauche.
  66. brevity
    Briefness; succinctness; terseness.
  67. broach
    Introduce; bring up; mention.
  68. browbeat
    Intimidate; harass; dominate.
  69. bungle
    Botch; mismanage; spoil.
  70. buttress
    Truss; foundation; support.
  71. cacophonous
    Discordant; dissident; harsh.
  72. callow
    Inexperienced; immature; naive.
  73. candid
    Frank; blunt; open.
  74. carouse
    Drink to excess; live it up.
  75. cease
    Stop; end; halt.
  76. celerity
    Swift motion; speed; alacrity.
  77. censorious
    Critical; attacking; denouncing.
  78. charlatan
    Fraud; person claiming knowledge he/she does not have; humbug; fake; hustler.
  79. chary
    Careful; cautious.
  80. chasten
    Castigate; punish; reprove.
  81. cherubic
    Sweet; kind; innocent.
  82. chimerical
    Fanciful; whimsical; playful.
  83. chronic
    Compulsive; typical; habitual; inveterate.
  84. churlish
    Selfish; rancorous; surly.
  85. circuitous
    Indirect; roundabout; rambling.
  86. clamor
    Loud noise or complaint; commotion; din.
  87. clandestine
    Furtive; surreptitious; secret.
  88. clemency
    Lenience; mercy; compassion.
  89. cloister
    Convent; monastery; religious place.
  90. coagulate
    Congeal; curdle; clot.
  91. coalesce
    Combine; incorporate; merge.
  92. coddle
    Pamper; overindulge; baby; spoil.
  93. coercion
    Intimidation; duress; force; compulsion.
  94. cognate
    Related by blood; having the same origin.
  95. commensurate
    Equal in measure; of the same duration or size.
  96. compile
    Collect data; accumulate; amass.
  97. concomitant
    Concurrent; attendant; occurring with something else.
  98. concordance
    Agreement; treaty; accord.
  99. confluence
    Nexus; union; meeting; conflux.
  100. confound
    Perplex; baffle; confuse.
  101. conglomerate
    Corporation; partnership; firm.
  102. conjugal
    Matrimonial; nuptial; marital.
  103. constrict
    Squeeze; pinch; obstruct; block.
  104. contentious
    Argumentative; pugnacious; quarrelsome.
  105. contrite
    Penitent; apologetic; remorseful.
  106. conundrum
    Mystery; puzzle.
  107. convoke
    Convene; assemble.
  108. copious
    Plentiful; ample; profuse.
  109. corpulence
    Stoutness; obesity.
  110. coterie
    Small group of people who share interests and meet frequently.
  111. crass
    Vulgar; grossly ignorant; indelicate.
  112. credulous
    Gullible; unsuspecting; naive.
  113. cryptic
    Enigmatic; obscure; secret; puzzling.
  114. ctenoid
    Comblike; having narrow segments.
  115. cuboid
    Having the shape of a cube.
  116. cucullate
  117. daub
    Blur; smear; spread.
  118. dawdle
    Procrastinate; loiter; idle; dally.
  119. dearth
    Paucity; shortage; deficiency.
  120. debased
    Lowered in status or character; degenerate.
  121. decipher
    Solve or figure out a puzzle; translate; untangle.
  122. declivity
    Downward slope.
  123. decorum
    Appropriate conduct; polite or proper behavior; protocol.
  124. delectable
    Delicious; delightful; savory.
  125. deleterious
    Destructive; poisonous; unhealthy.
  126. delineate
    Describe; outline; depict.
  127. delusion
    Untrue belief; hallucination; fallacy; misconception.
  128. demagogue
    Incendiary; agitator; opportunist.
  129. denounce
    Reprove; accuse; condemn.
  130. depravity
    Perverted disposition; wickedness; vileness; corruption.
  131. deprecatory
    Disapproving; belittling;
  132. desecrate
    Contaminate; profane; defile.
  133. desist
    Discontinue or stop; cease; renounce.
  134. desolate
    Alone; without hope or comfort; forsaken.
  135. despoil
    Ravage; rob; loot.
  136. despot
    Dictator; tyrant; totalitarian.
  137. diatribe
  138. didactic
    Pedantic; academic; for teaching.
  139. diffidence
    Self-doubt; timidity; shyness.
  140. dilatory
    Lackadaisical; lazy; remiss.
  141. diligent
    Assiduous; studious; hard-working.
  142. diminution
    Decrease; reduction.
  143. disaffected
    Disillusioned; dissatisfied; discontented.
  144. disapprobation
    Dislike; reservation; denunciation.
  145. disband
    Disperse; dissipate; scatter; dispel.
  146. discontent
    Unhappy; displeased; miserable.
  147. discursive
    Circuitous; digressive; rambling.
  148. dishearten
    Dismay; daunt; depress.
  149. disinterment
    Exhumation; removal of a body from a grave.
  150. disoblige
    Slight or offend.
  151. disparage
    Deprecate; belittle or abuse.
  152. dispassionate
    Imperturbable; unemotional; calm; composed.
  153. disputatious
    Quarrelsome; contentious; argumentative.
  154. dissemble
    Disguise; conceal; mask; camouflage.
  155. dissension
    Conflict; disagreement; strife.
  156. dissonant
    Cacophonous; inharmonious; discordant; strident.
  157. dissuade
    Obstruct; hinder; deter.
  158. distend
  159. dither
    Commotion; turmoil.
  160. divination
    Prediction; prophecy; forecast.
  161. dolt
    Cretin; fool; dimwit; idiot.
  162. dotard
    Senile person.
  163. dubious
    Irresolute; uncertain; moot.
  164. duplicity
    Cunning; fraud; trickery; deception.
  165. edify
    Instruct; enlighten; educate.
  166. efface
    Cancel; delete; obliterate.
  167. effervescent
    Lively; volatile.
  168. effigy
    Mannequin; likeness; image.
  169. effrontery
    Impudence; nerve; gall.
  170. egregious
    Flagrant; glaring; outrageous.
  171. elegiac
    Mournful; sorrowful; sad.
  172. elucidate
    Interpret; define; clarify; explain.
  173. emanate
    Radiate; flow from; emit.
  174. emasculate
    Deprive of strength.
  175. embroil
    Implicate; enmesh; involve.
  176. emcee
    Master of ceremonies.
  177. empathize
    Identify with; understand.
  178. emulate
    Model; pattern.
  179. enervate
    Exhaust or weaken; debilitate.
  180. engender
    Generate; produce; cause.
  181. enigmatic
    Cryptic; baffling; mysterious.
  182. enmesh
    Tangle or involve.
  183. ennui
    Dullness; boredom; monotony.
  184. enthrall
    Mesmerize; captivate; thrill.
  185. entrench
    Fortify; reinforce; secure.
  186. ephemeral
    Transitory; fleeting; passing; temporary.
  187. epicure
    Person devoted to luxurious living; person with refined tastes.
  188. epithet
    Word used to describe or characterize a person or thing.
  189. equilibrium
    Balance; stability; poise.
  190. equivocate
    Prevaricate; dodge; evade; hedge.
  191. erudition
    Learning; knowledge; enlightenment.
  192. escapade
    Adventurous conduct; unusual behavior.
  193. esoteric
    Confidential; personal; private; privileged.
  194. espouse
    Embrace; defend; support.
  195. ethereal
    Incorporeal; intangible; airy.
  196. eulogy
    Commendation; speech giving great tribute.
  197. euphonic
    Agreeable to the ear.
  198. evanescent
    Ephemeral; fading; brief.
  199. exigent
    Pressing; insistent; urgent.
  200. exonerate
    Acquit; vindicate; free from responsibility.
  201. exorcise
    Cast out evil spirits; expel demons.
  202. expatriate
    Send into exile; renounce one's own country.
  203. expedite
    Speed up matters; accelerate; quicken.
  204. expunge
    Obliterate; remove; erase; exterminate.
  205. expurgate
    Remove erroneous or objectionable material; delete; edit.
  206. extemporaneous
    Spontaneous; impromptu.
  207. extol
    Praise; laud; hail; glorify.
  208. extradite
    Transfer a person to another jurisdiction for possible prosecution for an alleged offense.
  209. extricate
    Remove; loosen; untie.
  210. fallible
    Faulty; imperfect.
  211. fallow
    Idle; dormant.
  212. fastidious
    Meticulous; exacting.
  213. fathom
    Measure; discover; perceive.
  214. fatuous
    Ludicrous; inane; idiotic; silly.
  215. fecund
    Prolific; productive; fruitful.
  216. felicity
    Great happiness; bliss.
  217. fetid
    Possessing an offensive smell; malodorous; foul; gamey.
  218. fetter
    Restrain; restrict; curb.
  219. fickle
    Capricious; erratic; spasmodic.
  220. fledgling
    Young or inexperienced person; young bird.
  221. flippant
    Nonchalant; frivolous; superficial; light.
  222. florid
    Ornate; flushed with rosy color; ruddy.
  223. flout
    Ridicule; scoff; mock; scorn.
  224. foible
    Frailty; imperfection; weakness.
  225. forswear
    Repudiate; forsake; eschew.
  226. fulsome
    Loathsome; excessive.
  227. fume
    Gas; vapor; harmful or irritating smoke.
  228. furtive
    Clandestine; secretive; surreptitious; covert.
  229. gambol
    Play; frolic; romp.
  230. garble
    Confuse; scramble; distort.
  231. garish
    Gaudy; ostentatious; excessive.
  232. garner
    Collect; receive; attain; acquire.
  233. giddy
    Scatterbrained; silly; frivolous.
  234. goad
    Incite; pressure; irk; arouse; awaken.
  235. grandiloquence
    Pompous or bombastic speech; lofty
  236. grisly
    Frightening; ghastly; gory; hideous.
  237. grovel
    Act in a servile way; cringe; kneel.
  238. guile
    Wiliness; deceit; cunning.
  239. guzzle
    Gulp; swill; consume to excess.
  240. hackneyed
    Trite; common; overdone; banal.
  241. haggle
    Dicker; barter; make a deal.
  242. hallow
    Make holy; consecrate; sanctify.
  243. hamper
    Hinder; frustrate; impede.
  244. harbor
    Preserve; conceal; secure; shelter.
  245. hardy
    Stalwart; robust; sturdy.
  246. haughty
    Arrogant; disdainful; blatantly proud; contemptuous.
  247. hearten
    Encourage; give strength.
  248. hedge
    Enclose; surround; fence.
  249. hedonism
    Intemperance; self-indulgence; excess.
  250. herald
    Announce; broadcast; report.
  251. heretic
    Nihilist; infidel; radical; dissenter.
  252. hiatus
    Interruption; pause; gap.
  253. hilarity
    Boisterous merriment; enjoyment.
  254. histrionic
    Pertaining to actors; melodramatic.
  255. hoary
    Frosted; grey; grizzled.
  256. hyperbole
    Exaggeration; fanciful statement; enhancement.
  257. iconoclasm
    Attack on religious values or symbols.
  258. ignoramus
    Moron; fool; dimwit.
  259. immutable
    Incorruptible; enduring; unchanging.
  260. impecunious
    Poor; destitute; penniless.
  261. imperturbable
    Even-tempered; level-headed; calm.
  262. impervious
    Airtight; sealed; impenetrable.
  263. impetuous
    Hasty; rash; impulsive.
  264. impregnable
    Invincible; invulnerable; unable to be captured or entered.
  265. impromptu
    Makeshift; spontaneous.
  266. improvident
    Reckless; rash.
  267. impugn
    Denounce; censor; attack.
  268. inauspicious
  269. inaudible
    Faint; soft; hard to hear.
  270. incipient
    Embryonic; developing; in the beginning stages.
  271. incisive
    Perceptive; astute.
  272. inclusive
    All-encompassing; broad in scope; comprehensive.
  273. incoherent
    Illogical; inconsistent.
  274. incongruous
    Inconsistent; unsuitable; contradictory.
  275. incorrigible
    Unruly; delinquent; incapable of reform.
  276. indecorous
    Inappropriate; indelicate; unseemly.
  277. indefatigable
    Diligent; persistent; inexhaustible.
  278. indenture
    Contract binding a person to work for another.
  279. indolence
    Lethargy; idleness; sloth.
  280. inebriation
    Drunkenness; intoxication.
  281. ingenuous
    Genuine; open; candid; frank.
  282. inimical
    Antagonistic; hurtful; harmful; adverse.
  283. innocuous
    Dull; harmless; innocent.
  284. inscrutable
    Mysterious; perplexing.
  285. insipid
    Dull; banal; tasteless.
  286. insolvent
    Bankrupt; unable to pay debts.
  287. intercede
    Intervene; negotiate.
  288. intonate
    Speak or utter with a particular tone.
  289. intractable
    Unruly; disobedient.
  290. intrinsic
    Inherent; natural; innate.
  291. inveigh
    Abuse; criticize; rebuke.
  292. inveterate
    Habitual; chronic.
  293. irascible
    Testy; touchy; irritable.
  294. issue
    Discharge; emerge; emanate.
  295. jettison
    Eliminate; discharge.
  296. jollity
    Gaiety; merriment.
  297. judicious
    Logical; reasonable; clever.
  298. juncture
    Joint; seam; intersection; joining.
  299. juxtapose
    Place side by side.
  300. kinetic
    Caused by motion; dynamic.
  301. kitsch
    Art or writing of a pretentious but shallow nature.
  302. kiosk
    A small structure used as a newsstand
  303. knave
    A dishonest
  304. knotty
    Snarled; tangled.
  305. knoll
    Hillock; mound.
  306. kudos
    Credit or praise for an achievement; glory.
  307. labyrinth
    Maze; network; puzzle.
  308. lachrymose
    Weepy; tearful.
  309. laconic
    Concise; terse; curt.
  310. lamentation
    Complaint; moan.
  311. lampoon
    Mock; ridicule.
  312. languish
    Decline; diminish; weaken.
  313. largess
    Charity; philanthropy; gift.
  314. lassitude
    Fatigue; weariness; debility.
  315. laudable
    Commendable; admirable; exemplary.
  316. laxity
    Carelessness; indifference.
  317. lethargy
    Idleness; listlessness; passivity.
  318. levity
    Lightness; frivolity.
  319. linger
    Loiter; remain; hesitate.
  320. lithe
    Flexible; agile; mobile; bendable.
  321. loutish
    Clumsy; idiotic; buffoonlike.
  322. ludicrous
    Outlandish; silly; ridiculous.
  323. lurid
    Shockingly vivid; horrifying; sensational.
  324. maladroit
    Clumsy; unskilled.
  325. malapropism
    Inappropriate or ludicrous use of a word.
  326. malevolent
    Venomous; spiteful; malignant.
  327. malinger
    Feign illness to escape work; shirk.
  328. marred
    Having blemishes; damaged; defaced.
  329. maudlin
    Overemotional; mushy.
  330. meander
    Twist; bend; zigzag.
  331. mendicant
    Almsman; beggar; leech; parasite.
  332. meticulous
    Precise; scrupulous; particular.
  333. mettle
    Stamina; bravery; courage.
  334. mince
    Chop; mitigate.
  335. mire
    Mud; slime; muck.
  336. moribund
    Failing; waning; ailing.
  337. motley
    Multicolored; spotted; mixed.
  338. multifarious
    Diverse; many-sided; multiple.
  339. mundane
    Boring; ordinary; typical; tedious.
  340. munificent
    Generous; extravagant; philanthropic.
  341. nadir
    Lowest point.
  342. naive
    Foolishly simple; childlike.
  343. nascent
    Beginning; embryonic; incipient.
  344. nebulous
    Unclear; vague; indefinite.
  345. needle
  346. nefarious
    Evil; vile; sinister; wicked.
  347. nemesis
    Just punishment; retribution.
  348. neologism
    Newly coined phrase or expression.
  349. noisome
    Noxious to health.
  350. noxious
    Harmful; malignant.
  351. obdurate
    Stubborn; intractable.
  352. obsequious
    Servile; groveling.
  353. obviate
    Make unnecessary.
  354. odious
    Detestable; loathsome; revolting; sickening.
  355. officious
  356. opaque
    Impenetrable by light; dull; dark; obscure.
  357. optimum
    Peak or prime; ideal.
  358. opulent
    Affluent; well-to-do; plentiful.
  359. ostentatious
    Conspicuous; showy.
  360. ostracize
    Exclude; isolate; bar; shun.
  361. palpable
    Noticeable; obvious; apparent.
  362. paltry
    Minor; petty; insignificant.
  363. panegyric
    Elaborate praise
  364. paragon
    Model or standard of excellence.
  365. pariah
    Outcast; misfit; refugee.
  366. parochial
    Religious; restricted.
  367. parsimony
    Miserliness; unusually excessive frugality.
  368. partisan
    Fan or supporter; enthusiast supporting a particular cause or issue.
  369. pastiche
    Hodgepodge; literary or musical piece imitating other works.
  370. paucity
    Scarcity; shortage; dearth.
  371. peccadillo
    Small sin or fault.
  372. pedantic
    Stuffy or dogmatic; meticulous; academic.
  373. peevish
    Irritable; grouchy; ill-tempered.
  374. pejorative
    Degrading; derogatory; negative.
  375. percipient
    Able to perceive or see things as they actually are.
  376. perfidy
    Deliberate breach of faith or trust; treachery.
  377. peripheral
    Marginal; outer; surrounding.
  378. perspicacious
    Astute; keen; perceptive.
  379. philistine
    Barbarian; person lacking artistic judgment.
  380. pique
    Irritate; miff; offend.
  381. pithy
    1. Substantial; profound. 2. Brief; concise.
  382. placid
    Sincere; tranquil; composed; sedate.
  383. plaintive
    Sad; mournful; pathetic.
  384. platitude
    1. Triteness. 2. Cliche; trivial remark.
  385. plaudit
    Enthusiastic expression.
  386. pliable
    Limber; malleable; flexible.
  387. poignant
    Intense; powerful; biting; piercing.
  388. polemical
    Controversial; argumentative; debatable.
  389. polyphony
    Music with two or more melodies blended together.
  390. porous
    Permeable; absorbent; having holes.
  391. posthumous
    Arising or continuing after someone's death.
  392. potable
  393. prattle
    Gab; babble.
  394. precocious
    Showing premature development.
  395. precursor
  396. prescient
    Showing foresight; predicting events before they occur.
  397. primeval
    Belonging to a primitive age.
  398. primordial
    Belonging to a primitive age; first in time.
  399. proclivity
    Tendency; inclination; propensity.
  400. procrastinate
    Postpone; stall; defer.
  401. prodigious
    Exceptional; impressive; of huge quantity; immense.
  402. proficient
    Skillful; masterful; expert.
  403. progeny
    Heir; descendant; offspring.
  404. prolific
    Fruitful; abundant; fertile.
  405. rescind
    Cancel; repeal; veto.
  406. resilient
    Elastic; stretchy; rebounding.
  407. resonant
    Reverberant; ringing.
  408. resplendent
    Dazzling; glorious; intense.
  409. restive
    Nervous; restless; uneasy.
  410. retrospection
    Contemplation of past things.
  411. reverent
    Devout; solemn; worshipful.
  412. ribald
    Lewd; obscene; irreverent.
  413. rudiment
    Beginning; foundation or source.
  414. ruffian
    Brutal person; cruel and sadistic person.
  415. ruminate
    Contemplate; think about.
  416. saccharine
    Sugary; syrupy.
  417. savant
    Intellectual; scholar; philosopher.
  418. scanty
    Meager; scarce.
  419. scoff
    Mock; ridicule.
  420. sequester
    Separate; isolate; segregate.
  421. soporific
    Hypnotic; lethargic; causing sleep.
  422. spurious
    Bogus; false.
  423. spurn
    Defy; reject.
  424. squalor
    1. Severe poverty. 2. Filthiness.
  425. stratagem
    Plot; tactic; deception.
  426. strident
    Discordant; harsh; piercing.
  427. strife
    Conflict; turmoil; struggle.
  428. stultify
    Inhibit; make ineffective; cripple.
  429. supercilious
    Egotistic; proud; arrogant.
  430. surfeit
    Overabundance; excess; surplus.
  431. surly
    Choleric; rude; sullen.
  432. surreptitious
    Covert; furtive; acquired by stealthy means.
  433. svelte
    Graceful; slim.
  434. sybarite
    Someone devoted to luxury; pleasure-seeker.
  435. sycophant
  436. taciturn
    Reserved; shy; uncommunicative.
  437. tantamount
    Indistinguishable; equivalent.
  438. taper
    Diminish; thin; narrow.
  439. tawdry
    Gaudy; showy; loud.
  440. temerity
    Rashness; audacity; recklessness.
  441. tensile
    Pertaining to tension; stretchable; ductile.
  442. tenuous
    Attenuated; flimsy; thin.
  443. tirade
    Diatribe; angry speech.
  444. torpor
    Lethargy; apathy; dormancy.
  445. trepidation
    Anxiety; alarm; apprehension.
  446. truant
    Indolent; absent; idle.
  447. turgid
    Swollen; bombastic; distended.
  448. turpitude
    Depravity; baseness; shamefulness.
  449. undulate
    Move in a wavy manner.
  450. unfathomable
    Baffling; puzzling; incomprehensible.
  451. unkempt
    Uncombed; messy; untidy.
  452. unscathed
    Unhurt; uninjured.
  453. unwieldy
    Clumsy; awkward; unmanageable.
  454. upbraid
    Rebuke; scold; criticize.
  455. upshot
    Final result; conclusion; end.
  456. vacillate
    Hedge; waver; fluctuate.
  457. variegated
    Multicolored; polychromic; varied.
  458. vehement
    Fierce; emphatic; intense.
  459. venerate
    Admire; show respect.
  460. veracity
    Truth; sincerity; honesty; candor.
  461. verbose
    Wordy; talkative; profuse.
  462. verdant
    Lush; thick with vegetation; leafy.
  463. viable
    Living; alive; feasible.
  464. vigilance
    Attentiveness; prudence; care.
  465. vilify
    Defame; denigrate.
  466. virulent
    Fatal; lethal; toxic.
  467. vitriolic
    Scathing; caustic.
  468. vociferous
    Clamorous; outspoken; noisy; vocal.
  469. voluble
    Verbose; wordy; garrulous.
  470. voluminous
    Huge; immense; bulky.
  471. voracious
    1. Enthusiastic; overly eager. 2. Starving.
  472. vouchsafe
    Confer; grant; permit.
  473. wan
    Anemic; colorless; pale.
  474. waver
    Totter; fluctuate.
  475. whet
    Stimulate; sharpen; intensify.
  476. wistful
    Yearning; pensive; sad.
  477. woe
    Anguish; grief; affliction.
  478. writhe
    Squirm; twist.
  479. xenophobe
    One who dislikes strangers or foreigners.
  480. yeoman
    Peasant; ordinary person.
  481. yore
    Time long past.
  482. yowl
  483. zealot
    Fanatic; radical; enthusiast.
  484. zenith
    Apex; summit; peak.
  485. curmudgeon
    Cantankerous person.
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