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  1. digital notepad
    writing device that allows users to write and draw on regular paper and convert those images to digital text
  2. computer literacy
    learning the names functions and procedures of computer hardware and software
  3. mindtools
    learning technology that promotes problem solving and critial thinking by students and teachers the term was coined by david jonassen
  4. one to one laptop computers
    educational setting where every student in a grade, school or district has a compouter for use in school and/or at home.
  5. one/ two /three/ time
    a classroom grouping method where studnets rotate through three diffrent activites or centers often including instuction by teacher, independent work by students and learning using comoputers or other technologies
  6. participation gap
    students who lack 24/7 acess to the latest technologies lag behind their peers technologically and educationally
  7. social informatics
    social science approach where technology's impacts on society are considered within the context of larger social econmic and political realites
  8. digital inequality
    the idea that acess to the latest computer technology varies greatly within society with low-income and non-white Americans less likely to be able to afford and use the newest tools.
  9. entry stage
    teachers beging learning new ways to use technology for teaching and learning
  10. adoption stage
    teachers use technology without cahnging regular classroom patterns and practices
  11. adaptation stage
    teachers fully integrate technology into regular classroom practices
  12. appropriation stage
    teachers use technology in all aspects of their proffesion work in and outside of the classroom
  13. invention stage
    teachers use technology to create new patterns and practices for classroom learning and student involvement with computers
  14. inclusion
    placing students with special needs in the leat restricitve educational environment possible often in the same classroom as their regulare education peers
  15. infusion
    integration of computers the internet and other information technologies into the regular patterns of teachnign and learning in the k-12 schools
  16. technology based learning environment
    using technology to create anywhere, anytime oppertunities for learning both in and ourside of school
  17. technology based libary
    using technology to create and maintain a collection of resources for teaching and learning
  18. infomate
    a term coind by alan november to indicate when teachnology is used to create new learning possiblities for students and teachers
  19. automate
    technologicsl improvements that do not fundamentally change exisitng practices
  20. technology integration
    the proces of making technolgy a central featuer of teaching and learning in schools
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