Karate Thoughts

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  1. White Belt Thought
    Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail. Meaning: knowing everything in advance will yield a great result.
  2. Gold Belt Thought
    It is far better to look within than to stop and look at others. Meaning: before you criticize other students, styles, or systems, perfect your own.
  3. Organge Belt Thought
    True mastery comes from knowing yourself and your opponent. Meaning: only by first knowing your strengths and weakenesses will you realize how to defeat your opposition.
  4. Green Belt Thought
    Your greatest enemy lives within you. Meaning: only through disciplining yourself can you succeed in karate training.
  5. Purple Belt Thought
    In the martial arts, quality is far better than quantity. Meaning: practicing blindly without stopping and reviewing your technique, only teaches you repetition, not proper application.
  6. Red Belt Thought
    The higher you climb the mountain, the stronger the wind blows. Meaning: the more material there is to maintain, the harder it is to stay focused. But the higher you climb, the better the view.
  7. 2nd Kyu Brown Belt Thought
    It is far better to bend like a willow than to be broken like an oak. Meaning: be flexible in your dealings with other people and try to understand their views. A stubborn person never learns from their mistakes.
  8. 1st Kyu Brown Belt Thought
    Meet resistance with persistance. Meaning: If you want something with all your heart, don't let anything stand in your way.
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