Human Resource Chap 1

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  1. Define Human Resource Management?
    HRM is the utilization of individuals to achieve organizational objectives. Meaning Managers getting things done through the efforts of others.
  2. Identify the human resources management (HRM) functions?
    • 5 areas are effected by HRM functions
    • a. staffing
    • b. HR Development
    • c. compensation
    • d. Health & Safety
    • e. employee and labor relations
  3. HRM Functions- Staffing
    Staffing- is the process through which an organization ensures the proper number of employees with the appropriate skill for the job. Job analysis is the systematic process of determining the skills, duties, and knowledge required for performing jobs in the org.
  4. Human Resources Development (HRD)
    • HRD has major functions consisting of
    • Organization development (OD)
    • Career Planning
    • Career Development
    • Performance Management
  5. Compensation for performance
    • Direct Financial Compensation (pay)
    • Indirect Financial Compensation (Benefits)
    • Nonfinancial Compensation (Satisfaction of job well done)
  6. Health and Safety
    H & S involves protecting employees from injuries caused by work related accidents. This aspect is important because employees who work in a safe enviro. and enjoy good health are more likely to be productive w yield long term benefits to the org.
  7. HRM Employee and Labor Relations
    The past most companies used unions but today most firms would rather have a union free enviro. When a labor union represents a firm for employees the HR activity is often referred as industrial relations for the employees.
  8. Identify the external environmental factors that affect HRM ?
    • External Environment
    • Legal Considerations
    • Labor Market
    • Society
    • Political Parties
    • Unions
    • Shareholders
    • Competition
    • Customers
    • HR Technology
    • Economy
    • Unanticipated Events
  9. Explain who performs HRM tasks?
    • HR Manager acts as an advisory or staff capacity wking w mangers to help them deal w HR.
    • HRO Outsourcing is handled three ways: discrete services, multiprocess services, & business process outsourcing
    • HR
    • HR Shared Services A center that takes routine transaction-based activities dispersed throughout the org & consolidates them in one place creating benifits, pension admin, payroll relocation assis. recruitment support, global training & develop. sesscession planning and talent retention.
  10. Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
    A company that leases employees to other business. Example PEO's permit business owners to focus on their core business while the PEO handles HR activities. like relocation of one employee and their spouse.
  11. Describe the various HR classification including executives, generalists, and specialists.
    • Executive-A top level manager who reports directly to a corp. cheif executive officer or to the head of a major division.
    • Generalist-A person who may be an executive & performs tasks in a variety of HR related areas.
    • Specialist-An individual who may be a HR Exec., a HR Manager, or a nonmanager, who is typically concerned w only one of the five functional areas of HRM.
  12. Describe the evolution of HRM
    Orginally HRM was staffing training develop comp. H & S, and labor relations. Now w 2008/10 recession HR is focused on more general management focus.Hr focusing more on the bottom line of organization, leaving the more administrative tasks to technology or admin staffing .
  13. Explain the evolving HR organization
    Numerous HR managers in orgs of various sizes, the conclusion was there is no pattern for how HR tasks are now achieved. The only certainty is that the five previously identified HR funchion must still be accomplished. Some firms have chosed to totally outsoure their HR function; others choose differt options. The organization of HR in today's environment is truly a wk in progress.
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