Things Fall Appart

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  1. Okonkwo
    • great wrestler and warrior
    • pwerful in comunity with 3 wives
    • Hard working drivven and wealthy
    • shot firey temper
  2. Nwoye
    • Okonkwos son
    • seen as lazy and resbling his grandfather unoka
    • becomes Isaac as a chrisian convert
    • disowned by okonkwo
  3. Ezinma
    • Favourited by okonkwo ( he wishes she was a boy)
    • Ekwefis only daughter
    • shes very beautiful and close with her mother
  4. Ikemefuna
    • Taken prisoner from mbaino
    • lived with okonkwos fam. for 3 years and was loved by all
    • very masculine and hard-working
  5. Mr. Brown
    • White missionary who was repsected for his clamness and kindness
    • brought ne relioon and opened schools and hospitals
  6. Reverend James Smith
    • Mr Brows succsecor after he left due to illness.
    • Harsh and strict
  7. Uchendu
    • Okonkwos mothers youngest brother who looks after them when they arrive to the mother land on exile.
    • He is wise and kind but suffered greatly in his lifetime
    • all wives dead but one and has had to bury 22 of his kids
  8. The district commisioner
    hars and disrespectful powerful charater who judged cases in the christian courts
  9. Unoka
    • Okonkwos father (who hhe dispised)
    • poor and cowardly
    • played the flute and enjoyed music
    • borrowed a lot of money and never had any titles
    • died of the swelling (evil sicknesss)
  10. Ekwefi
    • okonkwos second wife
    • Very beautiful in her youth
    • first 9 children died, then came ezinma
  11. Enoch
    • son of the snake preist who converted to christianity
    • unmasks the egwegwu
  12. Ogbuefi Ezeudu
    • oldest man in the village
    • was greatly respected
    • very powerfull speaker
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