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  1. The three Apperissions
    • No man born of woman will ever kill macbeth
    • beware of Macduff
    • he will be safe until Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane Castle
  2. who kills macbeth
  3. who does macbeth kill
    • Banqua
    • Macduffs family
    • duncan (former king)
  4. Macbeth
    • Thane of glamis,cordow and king
    • beheaded by macduff
    • driven by greed and power
    • tricked by withches
  5. Lady Macbeth
    • macbeths wife
    • deeply ambitios and longs power
    • strong and ruthless at the begining but becomes weak and plaed with remorse
    • sleepwalking
  6. three witches
    • tell macbeth and banquo of things to com
    • trick macbeth
  7. Banquo
    • noble killed by macbeth
    • told by the wiches that his children to com will rulle the scottish throne
  8. Malcom
    • son of duncan
    • flees to england after his death and gains support of the english
    • becoms king after macbeths death
  9. hecate
    head witch
  10. fleance
    Banquos son, speared in their murder
  11. Donalbain
    • banquos second son
    • flee to ireland after fathers death
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