Medical Specialists and Equipment

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  1. Chiropractor
    Doctor of Chiropractis (DC)
  2. Optometrist
    Doctor of Optomentry (OD Optometry Doctor [not to be confused with Opthamologists who are medical doctors]).
  3. Osteopath
    A cross between a regular MD and a Naturopath (Doctory of Ostepathy, DO)
  4. Podiatrist
    Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)
  5. Orthopedists (or Orthopod)
    Orthopedists treat skeletal and joint disorders
  6. Otologist
    Treats audio and hearing disorders
  7. Pathologist
    Diagnoses tissue disorders by examining samples and performing biopsies
  8. Proctologiest
    Treats rectum (a part of the colon leading up to the anus) and colon disorders.
  9. Angiogrphy
    The study of blood vessles
  10. Myelogram
    An x-ray of the spinal cord
  11. Spirometer
    An instument for assessing the capacity of the lungs
  12. Speculum
    An instrument used to expand or hold open and intrace to the body
  13. Bougie (pronounced boo-zhee)
    An instrument used to dilate constricted areas
  14. Cholecystograph
    An x-ray for the galbladdar
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