Karate Terminology-White-Green

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  1. Dojo
    School or Gym
  2. Kata
    Form or pattern
  3. Kumite
  4. Sensei
  5. Karate
    Empty Hand
  6. Tae Kwon Do
    Hand foot method
  7. Gi
  8. Obi
  9. Chi or Ki
    Inner strength
  10. Yin and Yang
    Good against evil
  11. Kiai
    A short, loud yell (to startle, to add power, to make our core strong)
  12. Respect
    The state of being regarded with honor or esteem; Willingness to show consideration or appreciation
  13. Korean Counting Numbers
    • Hanna -One
    • Toul -Two
    • Set -Three
    • Net -Four
    • Dauset -Five
    • Yauset -Six
    • Ilgoup -Seven
    • Udaul -Eight
    • Ahop -Nine
    • Yaul -Ten
  14. Code of Ethics
    • We will never use our knowledge for selfish means.
    • We will train with intensity and internal discipline.
    • We will respect all higher-ranking belts from all systems.
    • We will demonstrate integrity in all that we do to the best of our ability.
    • We will have pride in our appearance, and will always strive towards self-perfection through the Kick Masters Karate System.
  15. Kyu
    Ranks at the colored belt level, which symbolize youth
  16. Dan
    Ranks at the black belt level which symbolize adulthood
  17. Chagi
  18. Maki
  19. Charyo
    Position of attention
  20. Kyugye
    A bow or salute
  21. Durio Dora
    Turning from a set point
  22. Goman
    The end
  23. Jumbe
    To begin
  24. Sheer
    Relax (Pronounced "show")
  25. "LEVEL 10 Detail"
    To pay strict attention to whatever you are doing
  26. Discipline
    To be in control of yourself
  27. Japanese Counting Numbers
    • Ichi -One
    • Ni -Two
    • San -Three
    • Shi -Four
    • Go -Five
    • Roku -Six
    • Shichi -Seven
    • Hachi -Eight
    • Kyu -Nine
    • Ju -Ten
  28. Kick Masters Overview
    Kick Masters is the best combination of various styles, but it is primarily based on the traditional martial art of Tae Kwon Do. The system utilizes many effective methods to maximize efficiency in the six ranges of fighting. Also proper fitness techniques and knowledge of martial arts history are taught with the Kick Masters approach.
  29. Jayu-taeyon
    Free sparring for points
  30. Bodhidharma
    The founder of the Shaolin Temple Sect and the modern father of Kung Fu
  31. Dairuma Diashi
    Another name for Bodhidharma
  32. Ap Chagi
    Basic snap kick
  33. Yop Chagi
    Basic side kick
  34. Toylo Chagi
    Basic roundhouse kick
  35. Kwansu
    Spear hand strike
  36. Makiwara
    Training aid used to condition the hands and feet
  37. Plexus
    An area of nerve concentration
  38. Empi
    Elbow strike
  39. Yok Sudo
    Basic ridge hand strike
  40. Gichin Funakoshi
    The founder of modern karate
  41. Responsibility
    Being in charge of something and being able to carry out the act that you are in charge of without anyone having to tell you to do it
  42. Chinese Counting Numbers
    • Yi -One
    • Er -Two
    • San -Three
    • Si -Four
    • Wu -Five
    • Liu -Six
    • Qi -Seven
    • Ba -Eight
    • Jiu -Nine
    • Shi -Ten
  43. Founding of Kick Masters- 1992 Enblem
    The 1992 on the Kick Masters embossed seal represents the year the system was founded, and began its now constant development.
  44. Jeet Kune Do
    Bruce Lee's art of the intercepting fist
  45. Judo
    A modern combat sport that originated in Japan in the late 19th Century (the gentle way)
  46. Hapkido
    A martial art that uses joint locks, pressure points, and throws to stop an attacker
  47. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    Is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting
  48. Aikido
    Is an art that redirects an attack rather than opposing it head-on
  49. Isshin Ryu
    Is a style of Okinawan karate that primarily utilizes kata
  50. Kenpo
    A martial art that specializes in hand strikes and stand-up grappling
  51. Kajukenbo
    An art that combines karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, kenpo, kung fu, and boxing
  52. Focus
    To have full concentration on what you are doing, not being able to be easily distracted
  53. Junior Instructor
    A Junior Black Belt who is beginning instructional training
  54. Assistant Instructor
    The Black Belt begins to develop basic teaching skills
  55. Instructor
    The Black Belt is now capable of instructing a class without assistance
  56. Head Instructor
    The Black Belt is responsible for running classes and lesson planning
  57. Senior Instructor
    A Black Belt instructor who has mastered all facets of instructional skills
  58. Master Instructor
    A Black Belt mentor who possesses superior instructional skills and is trained to teach every age group, and every belt level
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