Ch14 history

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  1. What did Hoover believe about the great depression
    Important to stay optimistic
  2. Bolder (Hoover dam)
    Water supply provided growth of agriculture
  3. What was hoovers attempt to relieve the depression
    • Negotiate agreements among private entities.
    • Small government
  4. causes of the great depression
    • Tariffs and war debt policies that cut down the foreign market for American goods
    • 2 crisis in the farm sector
    • 3 availability of easy credit
    • 4 unequal distribution of income
  5. Federal home loan bank act
    Lowered mortgage rates for home owners and allowed farmers to refinance their farm loans and avoid foreclosure
  6. Shanty towns
    Little towns made up of shack. In cities like Oklahoma
  7. Hawley smoot tariff
    • Established the highest protective tariff.
    • Designed to protect American farmers from foreign competition
  8. Effect of hawley smoot tariff
    Prevented other countries from buying American goods. Unemployment got worse
  9. Farming crisis
    Demand for crops high right after war but then after the demand was low and farmers could no longer sell.
  10. One effect of the farming crisis
    Price support= gov would buy surplus crops at guaranteed prices and sell them in world market. President vetoed this
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