ch 15 history

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  1. first actions by FDR as president
    new deal= alleviate the problems of the great depression
  2. what were the three goals of the new deal
    • relief for the needy
    • economics recovery
    • finanvcial reform
  3. what were the hundred days
    (March 9 to June 16)
    period where congress passed many new laws
  4. glass-seagall act
    established FDIC. provided federal insurance for individual bank accounts
  5. Frances Perkins
    Americas first female cabinet member
  6. works progress administration
    roosevelt and congress set up a series pf programs to help youths, professionals amd other workers. Largest program was the WPA
  7. Supreme Court decisions on New deal programs
    FDR created a reform bill in fear of congress not agreeing with the new deal. Bill caused protest but pres got his way.
  8. American Liberty League
    opposed the new deal. wanted individual rights of property
  9. Coughlin
    used to be with roosevelt but later opposed him and became part of the american liberty league
  10. Townsend
    believed roosevelt wasnt doing enough for the poor and elderly
  11. Huey Long
    started "share our wealth" to protest against roosevelt. Lasted for a short period of time. Was assassinated
  12. Grapes of Wrath
    written by john steinbeck. revealed the lives of oklahomans who left the dust bowl and ended up in california where their hardships continued
  13. agricultural adjustment act
    sought to raise crop prices by lowering production. Paid farmers to leave a certian amount land not used. Upset people
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