ch 16 history

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  1. What democracy was there in Russia
    Communism led by Joseph Stalin. Soviet Union
  2. what democracy was there in Italy
    Facist Party led by Benito Mussolini
  3. Fascism?
    stressed nationalism and placed the interests of the state above those of individuals
  4. totalitarian
    tried to have complete control over its citizens. Individuals had no rights
  5. What democracy was there in Germany
    Communism and a party of Nazism led by Adolph Hitler
  6. Nazism
    germanbrand of fascism. Based on extreme nationalism, racism, and militarianism expansion.
  7. How did FDR try to keep US out of war
    passed a series of neutrality acts
  8. Name one neutrality Act
    Cash and carry= help france and britain defeat hitler and keep us out of war
  9. Why did roosevelt call us "the great arsenal of democracy"
    thought it was impossible to negotiate peace with hitler
  10. failures of the treaty of versailles
    germany strongley disliked it for it blames them for the war and they had to pay off the debt. Did not fulfill wilsons dream of a world "Safe for democracy"
  11. Adolf Hitler
    • leader of Germany. led the NAzi party.
    • wrote book Mein Kamp which means my life and explained his beliefs.
    • wanted to enforce racial purification and
    • wanted more lebensraum (living space)
  12. Joseph Stalin
    • Russia.
    • "Man of Steel"
    • had a fiver year plan to direct the industrilization.
    • made both agricultural and industrial growth the prime economic goals.
    • established totalitarin
  13. Benito Mussolini
    • Italy
    • Established the fasict party
    • stressed nationalism
    • "Black shirts"
  14. Militarist in Japan
    Militarist launched a surpise attack and seized control of the chinese province of Manchuria. Controlled entire region
  15. Hideki Tojo
    • chief of staff of Japans Kwantung Army.
    • wanted to unite east asia under japanese control. launched invasion into china
  16. How did US protest Japans New Act
    cut off trade with them. Therefore Japan navy prepared for an attack on the us
  17. Battle of Britain
    Germany wanted to gain control of Briains skies because Britains seas were too strong. Wanted to destroy their Royal Air Force. German planes attacked for 2 months but RAF defeated them
  18. U-Boats
    Hitles deployed hundreds of German submarines to attack supply ships. HIs ships became to be known as the Wolf Pact. Later US ships were allowd to attack the u boats
  19. Office of PriceAdministration
    fought inflation by freezing prices on most goods. higher taxes reduced consumer demand on scarce goods
  20. lend-lease act
    allowed the US to ship arms and other supplies without immediate payment, to nations fighting the Axis Powers
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