ch 17 history

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  1. Gerneral MacArthur
    in command of allied forces in the philippines
  2. George Patton
    marched with the third army into Seine PAris river and was able to liberate french from the germans
  3. dwight d eisenhower
    • operation torch
    • commander of us forces in europe
    • operation overload and directed dday
  4. a philip randolph
    • African american who was a respected labor leader
    • founder of the brotherhood of sleeping...
    • lead march in capitol
  5. V-E day
    victory in Euope day
  6. D-day
    the day on which all the allies launched an invasion of the european mainland
  7. reason for atomic bombing in japan
    end the war
  8. economic gains for minorites during WWII
    • industries boomed = unemployment rate lowered
    • good weather for crops
    • women entered work force
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