ch 18 history

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  1. capitalism
    an economic and political system in which a countries trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit rathers than by state
  2. communism
    based on one party gov. and state ownership of property
  3. truman doctrine
    declared it must be a policy of the us to support peple who are resisiting attempted subjugation by armed minorites or outside pressures
  4. chinese nationalists
    chaiang kai shek resisted the communist japanese during war
  5. united nations
    international peacekeeping organization to which most nations in the world belong to promote peace security and economic development
  6. results of the korean war
    ended in a stalemate between North Korean and South Korea(with the US)
  7. HIgh cost in was resulted in
    americans to reject a democratic party
  8. joseph mccarthy
    republican who took advantage of peoples concerns about communism and made one unsupported accusation after another
  9. eisenhower doctrine
    stated that the US would defend the middle east against attack by any communist party
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