ch 20 history

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  1. hot line
    phone between white house and and soviet union to contact each other in times of crisis
  2. bay of pigs
    us troops and cuban exiles were secretly trying to overthrow castro and invade cuba. but failed and embarressed Kennedy
  3. "camelot Years"
    focus on the cold war civil rights foreign policy of cuba..
  4. fidel castro
    openly declared himself a communist leader for cuba and welcomed aid from the soviet union
  5. richard nixon
    watergate break. and made 29th amendment
  6. nikita khrushcev
    soviet communist leader who defended cuba. offered to remove missiles from the us if in return that america not invade cuba
  7. berlin wall
    concrete wall that conained communism
  8. flexible response
    be able to fight a nonnuclear war by increasing spending on things like troops ships and artilary
  9. limited test ban treaty
    barred nuclear testing in the atmosphere to ease tension between the us and soviets
  10. robert kennedy
    attorney general
  11. where did peace corps work
    africa asia and latin america
  12. warren comissin
    investigated the oswald conspiracy and concluded oswald as guilty
  13. economic oppotunity act
    created youth programs, antipoverty measures, small business loans and job training
  14. what did the economic opportunity act create
    • job corps youth trainign program
    • vista
    • project head start
    • community action program
  15. lyndon johnson
    president after kennedy, very experienced in politics. inspired americns to being to solve national and world problems
  16. warren court
    banned prayers in public schools
  17. immigrations act of 1965
    opened the door for many non europen immigrants to settle in the us
  18. how did the immigration act allow settlement
    ended quotas based on nationality
  19. medicare
    provided hospital insurance and low cost medical insurance for almost every american age 65 for older
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